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"there are too many problems with just connecting them in parallel.  1. with lipo connected in…"
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paul riseborough replied to Randy's discussion Copter-3.3 beta testing
"Yes I can see in the log - only 5 sats, bad accuracy and then it drops lock altogether. Looking at…"
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John Arne Birkeland commented on Rob's blog post 6S mini copter project
"Nice idea, but high frequency radio signals will be lost the moment you submerge in water, so at…"
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"Regarding: Reply by Doug Walmsley "...Don't get hurt feelings if someone doesn't…"
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Welcome to DIY Drones!

Welcome to the largest community for amateur Unmanned Aerial Vehicles! Use the tabs and drop-down menus above to navigate the site.

This community is the home of ArduPilot (now known as APM), the world's first universal autopilot platform (planes, multicopters of all sorts and ground rovers). Today the Pixhawk and APM 2.6 autopilots run a variety of powerful free and open UAV software systems, including:

  • APM:Copter, a fully-autonomous multicopter and heli UAV system
  • APM:Plane, a pro-level UAV system for planes of all types
  • APM:Rover, a fully-autonomous ground-based vehicle system

I'm new to all this--where do I start?                   Are amateur UAVs legal? (yes)

Examples of civilian uses of drones                   Glossary of confusing terms 

Blog Posts

RAPTOR: Measuring the Flows in Rivers with UAVs

Posted by Thomas Stone on May 4, 2015 at 6:40am 3 Comments

Drones provide an “eye in the sky” which can be very useful for water scientists. Many water bodies are often surrounded by difficult terrain, making it…


Humanitarian Drone Missions in Nepal: Early Observations

Posted by Patrick Meier on May 4, 2015 at 3:05am 2 Comments

There are at the very least 7 humanitarian UAV teams operating in Nepal. We know this since these teams voluntarily chose to liaise with the Humanitarian UAV Network (UAViators). In…


6S mini copter project

Posted by Rob on May 3, 2015 at 8:30pm 2 Comments

This is a work in progress.

It's a rather quadcopter conventional but with a few tweaks.

The goal of this project is to make a small, transportable, waterproof, sturdy quadcopter that can carry go-pros and similar cameras.

Here's where we are so far:

  • 3D printed,…

Multi-Vehicle testing with APM:Copter, Tracker and Mission Planner

Posted by Randy on May 3, 2015 at 8:21pm 12 Comments

For some tasks (like Search and Rescue and mapping) what you can do with one vehicle, you can probably do faster with multiple vehicles.  To test how well it works in practice I tested…


The uNode

Posted by Matthew Coleman on May 3, 2015 at 4:35pm 19 Comments

A distributed and scalable autopilot architecture is attractive to me due to space and sensor positioning demands on my airframes.  The existing range of autopilots simply doesn't fit.  The uNode (microNode) is the result of my desperate attempts to fix this.  uNode is a very cutdown…


Cheerson CX 10 - Surprising build quality!

Posted by NIck Dragolea on May 3, 2015 at 9:30am 6 Comments

I finally got around to writing a review for this little drone I've had for a few months now. I bought it for about $17 and it still seems to be flying even after it got slightly chewed by my dog (pictures taken before that happened!). It's a pretty cool drone.. and pretty safe to fly too. I can't envision much going wrong unless if you lack common sense and fly it into a group of people/ animals. It's great for learning the ropes for any new flyers - …


Part 2 My Parts List for Giant DIY Octocopter

Posted by Ron Joly on May 3, 2015 at 8:38am 6 Comments

Part2 Parts List for Giant DIY Octocopter


I still need to buy batteries 4 6S 25C 16000mah batteries and 16 18x6.5 CF propellers, I don't want to be in the middle of nowhere without spares. I will run 2 6S 16000mah batteries or more.The batteries $370 each propellers $100 per pair from…


DIY Giant Octocopter Build designed for Magnetometer work in the Mineral Exploration Industry

Posted by Ron Joly on May 3, 2015 at 8:00am 5 Comments

  Part 1 .. DIY Giant Octocopter Build designed for Magnetometer Surveying


Here is my first attempt at building an octocopter. I will post images as I build it.

I built a budget 960mm hexacopter in my spare time last year while working for uranium, copper and…


33 Percent of Online Shoppers Would Welcome Drone Deliveries

Posted by on May 2, 2015 at 4:21pm 3 Comments

Drone Deliveries

Consumer research specialists eDigitalResearch asked 2,040 UK online shoppers in January 2015 for their views on drone deliveries.

They discovered that 33 percent of online shoppers would…


Chinese APM/Pixhawk dev community taking off

Posted by Chris Anderson on May 2, 2015 at 1:49pm 3 Comments

RenTT writes to let us know that the Chinese APM/Pixhawk developer community is taking off, and there is a new site focused on this called…



Season Two of the Trust Time Trial (T3) Contest 
A list of all T3 contests is here. The current round, the Drone Delivery Challenge, is here

UAV news from sUAS News

Jim Williams, Manager FAA UASIO Receives sUAS News Industry Leadership Award

Jim Williams, Manager FAA UASIO Receives sUAS News Industry Leadership Award

by Small Unmanned Systems Business Exposition 2015, San Francisco. On behalf of the readership and community at large we decided that Mr. Williams should be recognized for his effort made towards the goals of safe and viable commercial integration of…

Deputies enforce drone ordinance during Masters week

Deputies enforce drone ordinance during Masters week

by By: Jorge Lopez AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW) — Augusta City leaders are keeping drones out of the air this week and deputies are enforcing the temporary ordinance with a threat of a fine or jail time. When the wind picks up…

Company is first in Tampa to get FAA drone exemption

Company is first in Tampa to get FAA drone exemption

by By Josh Rojas TAMPA –  A production company called Fly Habana said it’s the first in Tampa to get a Federal Aviation Administration exemption to fly drones commercially, a move the Hillsborough film commissioner calls an historic opportunity. “We…

Drone pilots making a living from flying high over the fairways

Drone pilots making a living from flying high over the fairways

by By Alan Tovey, Industry Editor The tumbling price of drones and advances in the technology they contain is helping golfers cut their handicaps and creating a new line of business for pilots of unmanned aircraft. Cameras mounted to drones are being…

Bike maker to debut new Cobra Aero engine for unmanned aircraft

Bike maker to debut new Cobra Aero engine for unmanned aircraft

by Rising up from the ground to incredible heights is nothing new for the team at Cobra Moto. Their competition engines have led the industry for more than two decades. Today, the Cobra Moto team is announcing its latest venture…

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