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2.4ghz receivers

Does anyone have experience with these receivers regarding interchangeability between brands, eg Futaba c7 transmitter and cheep off brand…

Started by john bero

4 Oct 15, 2009
Reply by john bero

How to connect Gps + ICRON

I have some problems to monitoring for my UAV . Now Im trying wireless communication using Gps (sportTrak, Magellan) and FM transceiver mod…

Started by hawk

3 Oct 12, 2009
Reply by David Sprague Interesting concept. It flies out ancd comes straight back. Pop in a new battery and do the same again.

Started by Diarmuid Wrenne

1 Oct 10, 2009
Reply by Gary Mortimer

Waterproof UAV

The basics for flying a UAV are well illustrated on this page, but I can't find any references concerning one touching down on the water wi…

Started by Sun Jing

7 Oct 8, 2009
Reply by Sun Jing

Stabilization platforms for camcorder leveling

I am new to this forum and would like to get some informatiom from you, already experienced home inventors. I am working on my perfect stab…

Started by Stanley

1 Sep 28, 2009
Reply by Stanley


Gyro stabilized camera platform

I have a GY401 gyro and want to make a camera mount that is stabilized on the roll axis only, such as the one on Chris' Predator. What I w…

Started by Bob Moulder

7 Sep 27, 2009
Reply by Stanley

What's so good about the Ublox GPS receiver?

Will the Ublox GPS get me more satellites locked more often? Is it more shielded from my other RF sources? I've seen it hailed as a great d…

Started by george

14 Sep 25, 2009
Reply by Riccardo Kuebler

Blue LED flashing , no GPS Lock with 2.3.1

With 2.1 code i get gps lock within 10 sec. , after update to 2.3.1 i dont get gps lock. I use it without shild und sensors. With GPS sim…

Started by Sergej Fehle

9 Sep 24, 2009
Reply by Sergej Fehle

hacking a webcam to work for aerial photography

I'm wondering if anyone has ever seen a webcam modified to be used for aerial photogaphy, I know that they are USB and don't have the stand…

Started by G. Timothy

3 Sep 20, 2009
Reply by G. Timothy

GPS enabled still cameras

Hi - I have been doing some research on GPS enabled still cameras. I understand that the Nikon Coolpix P6000 is pretty good. Is anyone flyi…

Started by Doug Connell

3 Sep 18, 2009
Reply by Doug Connell


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