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How to edit a tlog?

I want to edit the altitude in tlog file for a software, how can I do that? I tried with notepad but the information is messed up.  Thanks 

Started by ALK

2 Sep 27, 2013
Reply by Michael Oborne

Autoland work around

I have been working with the autoland feature with my Newskywalker with no success. I'm using APM 2.0 with 2.69 firmware and the latest MP…

Started by keeyen pang

7 Sep 27, 2013
Reply by iskess

Altitude doesn't work in versions newer than 1.2.54

Altitude always reads 0.0 when using any Mission Planner newer than 1.2.54. When I switch back to 1.2.54 or lower it works fine. What chang…

Started by Tom Aiken

2 Sep 27, 2013
Reply by Tom Aiken

Voice readout changes

Hi folks,  Could we please have a big menu button to snooze the voice readout? I like the prompts but it gets like a nagging wife when you…

Started by Crispin

17 Sep 26, 2013
Reply by Steven G

How to utilize new feature? "Servo" tab in Flight Data window

I noticed a new feature in the updated APM Mission Planner 1.2.40.  I haven't seen any documentation or posts about this yet, so I thought…

Started by MA

5 Sep 26, 2013
Reply by Michael Oborne

ROI being ignored.

After reading every post I can find and playing around with parameters I've had no luck getting my copter to yaw towards a ROI. I'm running…

Started by Warren Purnell

12 Sep 24, 2013
Reply by Mike Sturgeon

Mission_item packet

Hi, I was recording the telemetry link sent from GCS to the autopilot board while checking for waypoint protocol. FE 25 33 FF BE 27 00 00…

Started by Priya

1 Sep 24, 2013
Reply by Priya

Mission Planner 1.2.38+ on Ubuntu Linux with mono

In case anyone else is having problems, I had trouble with getting Mission Planner to work on Linux after about version 1.2.36. I was getti…

Started by John Leach

7 Sep 23, 2013
Reply by John Leach

Another Newbie Question

Does Mission Planner have a vide window. I ask becuase I have Windows based Tablet, Rugged field usable type that I am going to use as my g…

Started by Richard Gardner

5 Sep 23, 2013
Reply by Richard Gardner

No waypoints visable when playing back .tlog

In the past when I played back a .tlog to review my flights I could see all the waypoints that the APM is navigating to in auto mode. Howev…

Started by iskess

3 Sep 20, 2013
Reply by Steven G


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