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barometric pressure sensor on ground station

Does mission planner support adding a barometric pressure sensor to the ground station? If so is there a thread out there on how to do it?…

Started by Cody Remington

9 Jun 6
Reply by Dwgsparky

Resume Auto Mission after Battery Change

If I have a large survey grid area that I want mapped and it requires several flight battery changes to complete, what is the best method t…

Started by Carl Schaefer

1 Jun 4
Reply by Carl Schaefer

Wondering about "Microdrone" button

Hello, When I accidentally open a "hidden page" (CTRL+F), i discovered many cool features like swarming, follow mode, OSDvideo and amoung t…

Started by Gabriel

3 Jun 4
Reply by Michael Oborne

ESRI Shapefiles in MP

I use ArcGIS quite a lot when planning out flights and I can see the utility in being able to import an ESRI shapefile into Mission Planner…

Started by Ken Gaines

48 Jun 4
Reply by Ragnvald Larsen

Issues with Mission Planner

Just want to say the i am new to this world so go easy on me. I have a Quad-copter x frame that i am building. the parts are listed below -…

Started by Paul Pawlikowski

2 Jun 1
Reply by Paul Pawlikowski

Not able to get UDP connection with APMPlanner 2.0

Hi all, First of all, wish all you happy new year! I have met some problem with the newly released APMPlanner 2.0. I am writing a progra…

Started by Sichao Song

13 May 28
Reply by Richard Kennedy

Can you look at a log?

I nearly crashed my Discovery style quad a few days ago on a gusty day (about 15-20mph winds).  Near the end of the flight at about the las…

Started by Brandon

2 May 28
Reply by Craig Elder

Mission Planner 1.33 Compass Error and HUD Not Refreshing

I recently updated my version of Mission planner to the current 1.33. One of my Quads is giving me trouble when it comes to Compass Calibra…

Started by TheMightyThor

11 May 27
Reply by masam

APM Planner 2 Crashing Loads

I really need to good help and advice,  Ive got a pixhawk and im currently trying to set it up and am not having a great initial experience…

Started by Trevor Thomas

3 May 27
Reply by Trevor Thomas

3DRIris APM Planner 2 and Missions

I have the 3DRIris and APM Planner 2 loaded on a Windows laptop.  I draw a simple mission, and am able to "connect" with the UAV.  I can ar…

Started by Rob Doak

2 May 27
Reply by Rob Doak


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