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Adding a Speech Option + Bluetooth Head Piece

What would it take to get an item added to the Mission Planner Speak items? I use my laptop as my base station and I've turned on speech an…

Started by Richard Boyhan

1 Feb 8, 2013
Reply by Tom in NOVA

Problem with RTL operation

Today I flew at a different site which had stronger wind than I have experienced before. I had been flying 2.9.1 release for the last few d…

Started by David Leigh

6 Feb 8, 2013
Reply by leonardthall

3DR quad: Best radio Futuba or Spektrum

I put aside the 6 channel radios from my selection. I narrowed it down to 2 (maybe 3) radios.   1) The Futuba 8J found here. I was reading…

Started by Michael

4 Feb 8, 2013
Reply by Michael

Camera Gimball Servo Control

Having finished the camera Gimball I'm very happy with it apart from the control I've got over the servos from the APM2.0 The movements se…

Started by Mark Slater

1 Feb 8, 2013
Reply by Mark Slater

Using 3D power module with APM 2.0

Is it possible to use 3D power module with APM 2.0. If so, how to make the connections?? Zafer

Started by Zafer Turkeli

2 Feb 8, 2013
Reply by Richard Boyhan

Motors wont spin during ESC calibration (or after arming)

Hello everyone, I am unable to get my motors to spin even during the ESC calibration. The calibration seems to be successful, with all corr…

Started by Fringe

7 Feb 8, 2013
Reply by Fringe

Ublox LEA-6H GPS

Hi does anyone know if you can get a protective housing for the Ublox LEA-6H GPS module ? cheers Graham

Started by Graham Melbourne

2 Feb 8, 2013
Reply by Graham Melbourne

Motor control by computer (Fly by wire)

Hi   I'm working on a feasibility study for autonomous flight using a ArduCopter, and i have just started, the ArduCopter is bought and bui…

Started by Thomas Lian

2 Feb 7, 2013
Reply by Thomas Lian

All motors spin the same way

I have the APM 2.5 with the 3DR quadcopter. I don't have a radio control for it; only telemetry with my ground station. Everything seems to…

Started by Jay Butera

5 Feb 7, 2013
Reply by Jay Butera

Altitude wrong on one of my APM

I have problem with one of my APM2.5. One of my APM when on the ground shows between minus 0.60 meter to minus 1.00 fluctuating. If Ilift t…

Started by Pierre Seguin

5 Feb 7, 2013
Reply by u4eake


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