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Adding ultrasonic sensors to APM board?

Has anyone had any experience with integrating hobbyist ultrasonic (avoidance) sensors into the APM2.6/2.8 board?  These sensors are cheap…

Started by Henry Eden-Mann

0 Oct 6

APM 2.7 won't arm

I bought one of the Hobby King APM 2.7 boards last week and just got everything put together. As I understand it, the change they made was…

Started by Paul Mayhan

5 Sep 2
Reply by rudyh

Arming Problems

Hi,  My problem is that i can not arm my copter when everything is connected with the apm board.  It seems that the actions from the radio…

Started by Johnny Schoko

6 Sep 2
Reply by rudyh

Help with Tricopter Setup - Yaw Servo not Working

Hi All, My first post here, I've been trying to setup a tricopter using APM 2.6 + GPS. My first question: How to get the YAW servo to work?…

Started by Sergio

7 Aug 23
Reply by omar

Current / voltage sensor giving weird readings

Hi Guys, Just popped on a 90a AttoPilot current sensor onto my APM2 based quad rotor which has a 3 cell 2200ma lipo.  As far as I can see…

Started by Chris Evans

8 Aug 21
Reply by Jason Popillion

Drone Losing Altitude

I've been struggling to diagnose a problem with my drone losing altitude in multiple situations. The first situation where it loses altitu…

Started by Chase Schottler

1 Aug 18
Reply by Chase Schottler

Ardupilot 2.8 without GPS

Hello, I would like to ask if I can use my external module as compass and disable my GPS functionality. I am having some issues while tryin…

Started by Vasilis Tzivaras

0 Aug 18

How does ArduCopter deal with centrifugal force affect gravity/roll readings?

Hi, I would like to know how the ArduCopter (or any drone) deals with the following problem, so I can learn and implement the solution in m…

Started by Chris Howard

0 Aug 16

Uncontrollable Leftward Yaw.

Hi, guys. I have a problem with my hexacopter yawing constantly to the left. I've tried trimming it out on the Transmitter but apparently I…

Started by Darius

0 Aug 15

Coax dodeca-copter on Arducopter 2.x

Hi guys, I've been grounded for a while (due to a motor that I was too lazy to fix) but I'm back now, and I have questions. I'd like to eve…

Started by Darius

6 Aug 10
Reply by Olivier


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