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Question about APM 2.8 mission planner flight modes and Flysky FS-T6 transmitter

Thanks to all in advance for Help Trying to setup up an APM 2.8 board, GPS, external compass quadcopter firmware V3.2.1 with a Flysky FS-T6…

Started by William Billings

10 Jun 22
Reply by William Billings

ArduCopter Failing with Althold/stabilize

HI, Been flying twice now and both times my copter dipped. 1)flight had altHold on and had to put more throttle to get more up, then switch…

Started by Madis Orav

2 Jun 21
Reply by Madis Orav

APM gets lost & drifts 3km - how to get logs?

I have Mission Planner 1.3.37 build 1.1.5917.13431 for Windows running on Windows 10 The dos "MP boot" terminal says I'm running ArduCopter…

Started by Jackson Rollins

6 Jun 19
Reply by Jackson Rollins

Low motor speed on arducopter 2.8

Hi Have set up my motors on my tricopter  including caibrating the esc,s singly and together but cannot get full output from the motors. Mo…

Started by Peter Clinch

0 Jun 17

Mating a APM2.5 with a Microhard N920 and flying with a tablet PC

I'm trying to put the APM2.5 with a Microhard n920 (modem) so that I can fly the quad only with the ground station on a tablet PC, without…

Started by Surao

5 Jun 17
Reply by mohsein

Long Range Telemetry link Setup

Hi guys, was just wondering if any of you know of any good systems or set ups that can provide a long range telemetry link through mission…

Started by J_Pat

0 Jun 16

Uncontrollable Drone Flies Away

Yesterday I was flying my APM 2.6 when it stopped obeying the RC and sat still. Not matter what I did the drone would not respond. I change…

Started by Jackson Rollins

3 Jun 15
Reply by Andre K.

*solved* Big Power Diode burned out...... I explained how to replace.

Hello, I've been confronted with a big problem. I am using APM2.5 + the Power sensor board to provide the +5V.  The output JP is removed…

Started by CyberCrash

11 Jun 13
Reply by Manuel Ribeiro

Getting CAM messages in Arducopter 3.2.1

I'm Planning to do mapping with my quad running on Arducopter 3.2.1 . I want APM to log the Cam messages that get triggered with respect to…

Started by Venkatakrishnan

5 Jun 12
Reply by Venkatakrishnan

Can't get in the air.

It has been awhile since my quadcopter has flown and I am having trouble getting started again. First, I got an error 99, bad compass healt…

Started by Dustin

1 Jun 10
Reply by Niels G.


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