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Does ArduCopter work well with negative above-start-location altitudes?

Hi, I want to use the FollowMe code in the repo, or wrap my own, for having an ArduCopter follow me going down a mountain road. That means,…

Started by Søren Kuula

5 Apr 10
Reply by Raúl Edo

Help with Tricopter Setup - Yaw Servo not Working

Hi All, My first post here, I've been trying to setup a tricopter using APM 2.6 + GPS. My first question: How to get the YAW servo to work?…

Started by Sergio

4 Apr 10
Reply by Duncan J

Can a APM-equipped quadcopter take off from a boat?

Hell, I am trying to do photomapping by UAV for a remote coral reef near Taiwan. It's out of the cruise range of our quad from land. I am t…

Started by Shouyeh Gong

13 Apr 10
Reply by Choppy

How do I verify if QuadCopter is consuming my MavLink message?

Hi guys, I'm trying to send mavlink message SET_QUAD_SWARM_ROLL_PITCH_YAW_THRUST ( #61 ) from a custom program to a QuadCopter drone (pixha…

Started by Abo

0 Apr 8

Turnigy 9x with Er9x firmware - Flight Modes

i have attached a file with the settings i used for my flashed 9x(er9x) These setting are the configuration for 6 flight modes within missi…

Started by MarvinS

25 Apr 7
Reply by melvin

APM output voltage on pins 3-4 unresponsive. Toubleshooting tips?

Greetings drone community!  First time poster here.   I've been getting through my first arducopter build and have hit a snag that I'm havi…

Started by Matt Pavlik

11 Apr 7
Reply by Duncan J

Only Motor With Ardupilot 2.5 PM Spinning? Please Help!

So I have 4 batterys and 4 ESCS   One Per Motor with just the signal cable running to the outputs. How ever... The only motor that will st…

Started by Bryon Berney

0 Apr 7

Voltage jitter from APM 2.5

While trouble shooting the Sonar (XL-EZ0) we noted the voltage provided from the APM 2.5 on the analog sensor ports sits at just below 5V b…

Started by Jim White

0 Apr 5


ArduCopter-3.0 ready for wider use

ArduCopter 3.0 is ready for widespread use.  To make the transition easier, this time we are asking people to voluntarily upgrade from 2.…

Started by Randy

1569 Apr 4
Reply by leopoldo ojea

What does this mean in the logbrowser

When I take a look at my logs I always see GPS failsafe messages but I can't find what's the problem. I already flew in Loiter mode and th…

Started by Andy

0 Apr 4


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