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APM2 strange behavior

I took my APM2/Y6 out for its maiden today. At first, it seemed ok, a little wobbly, but this is only with a few PID iterations. Something…

Started by chris g

9 Feb 15, 2012
Reply by chris g

Alt Hold Crash - v2.3

Hey everyone, had a real weird thing happen to me while testing alt hold today. I have included logs and video. Around 85% in the tlog I sw…

Started by Jay

4 Feb 15, 2012
Reply by Brent

APM2 GPS & Carbon Fiber Canopy Questions

I am looking at getting the APM2 but the GPS on the unit has a built in antenna, so I have been looking for external gps units which will a…

Started by Rick Stewart

2 Feb 14, 2012
Reply by Rick Stewart

Problems with my new quad

Hi, I've been assembling a quadcopter recently but having a few pre-flight problems. The frame is a previous version of a sexycopter frame…

Started by Pranav Jain

3 Feb 14, 2012
Reply by Pranav Jain

quad keep spinning

I recently assembled a quad with ardumega board and tried to do a test flight, got it off the ground and the copter spins to the left with…

Started by Al Kilgore

18 Feb 14, 2012
Reply by UAgroV


Arducopter 2.0.48/49

There is a preview on GIT right now. I flew a version of this   The PWM output has been set to 400hz (to counter the low pass filter in mos…

Started by Jason Short

400 Feb 13, 2012
Reply by estebanflyer

Wierd Issues- User? Hardware? Software?

I'm not sure whats going on- I suddenly have several problems.  Yesterday and for many days before, copter and APMP were fine and flying be…

Started by Maki

8 Feb 13, 2012
Reply by Maki

Need help to build an octocopter with Ardupilot Mega and OilpanShield

Hi! I'm comming from germany - sorry about my english. ;) This ist my first project with multicopters. I want to take some arial photos and…

Started by Anselm

7 Feb 13, 2012
Reply by pål åge røstad

Things that go up........(sniff, sniff, tears)

Prior to it's last flight, my hexa, which I am thinking of naming after some sort of bug like the queen bee, was finally flying.  I had tak…

Started by Dusty Starbucks

17 Feb 12, 2012
Reply by Dusty Starbucks

rolling even with tx adjustment

I tried 2.3 for the first time tonight with my 3dr frame and apm1 2560. In stable mode its very stable except an annoyind roll to the right…

Started by bergsprekken

2 Feb 12, 2012
Reply by bergsprekken


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