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How to download the manual?

Hi - just starting with arducopter and reading the manual here:   Is there a way t…

Started by Steve Warren

2 Feb 17, 2012
Reply by Steve Warren

Yaw locking and throttle issue?

Hi to all, I still have a strange problem with yaw getting locked after some time of flying and not listening to the radio input. This hap…

Started by marc.kulhavy

8 Feb 17, 2012
Reply by marc.kulhavy

RTL - and how difficult it is to return to stabilize

i have been using RTL a lot recently when i realise that my PID tuning has failed and manual control is difficult.  the thing is that im al…

Started by James

3 Feb 17, 2012
Reply by James

Evil Drones doing Evil

I know this has been covered, but things seem to be picking up quickly on the subject. Here is last night's Nightline report on drones and…

Started by Dusty Starbucks

3 Feb 16, 2012
Reply by Rory Paul

Arducopter 3DR and Mission Planner

Hi all, I just assembled my Arducopter 3DR,  downloaded the newest Processing 1.0, Arducopter 2.3 code and Mission Planner 1.1.34. I notice…

Started by Peter Fischel

1 Feb 16, 2012
Reply by Peter Fischel

Strange twitching with Octo on ground (APM1 with latest 2.3 MP firmware)

After installing the latest MP firmware (2.3) for my octo.Im getting a strange twitching when i spin up the motors on the ground as seen…

Started by Gareth Rens

6 Feb 16, 2012
Reply by Gareth Rens

Lots of smoke and a loud pop!

Finished my Arducopter (3DR) and was setting up the configuration in the mission planner. I got it talking then loaded the firmware and che…

Started by Keith S

8 Feb 16, 2012
Reply by Keith S


3DR motor question?

Hey guys,   I'm building a new 3DR copter with Ardupilot 2.0 and was wondering what motor you guys would recommend buying if I plan on carr…

Started by AKRCGUY

2 Feb 15, 2012
Reply by AKRCGUY

arducopter mega 1280 not compatable with version 2.3 ??

I am having some problems with my quad that has a 1280 board. I went into the terminal to do some tests and there is a message, " NOT COMPA…

Started by Al Kilgore

5 Feb 15, 2012
Reply by emile

APM2 strange behavior

I took my APM2/Y6 out for its maiden today. At first, it seemed ok, a little wobbly, but this is only with a few PID iterations. Something…

Started by chris g

9 Feb 15, 2012
Reply by chris g


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