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Yaw drifting on 2.4.1

Hi guys, Tried 2.4.1 today on my 3DR Quad with stock motor and props, using parameter file for stock quad. First flight was fine. Stabili…

Started by RC

1 Feb 29, 2012
Reply by RC


Camera stabilisation

Is there a way to adjust the gain (essentially P value) of the camera stabilisation via CLI or GCS in the current version of the code?  Ie.…

Started by Hai Tran

7 Feb 29, 2012
Reply by Jaan Kronberg

Flying on 5 engines?

Impatience is getting the best of me, I have a Hexacopter (flying in the + formation) I have 5 booms 5 motors and 5 props and its going to…

Started by Harrison

3 Feb 28, 2012
Reply by Dusty Starbucks

Making ArduCopter to Fly like 3 Hours

Hi I have an ArduCopter and I want to modify it's motor and battery to make it: Control payload of max. 10kg or/and Fly at least 3 hours…

Started by Mark Zimmerman

16 Feb 27, 2012
Reply by Adam Rivera

about the apm 2.0

hello all,i would like to ask about couple of things but due to the comment section in the thread is locked so i decided to post here1) can…

Started by ahmad haglan

3 Feb 27, 2012
Reply by RickP

Where to buy ArduCopter Hexa HexCopter kit and parts?

Hi I'm looking at getting a HexCopter kit (or suitable parts) based on the Ardupilot MEGA and IMU I have found jDrones offering a full kit:…

Started by Dave Jones

62 Feb 27, 2012
Reply by Daniele F

PPM signal not working?

Hi, I am trying to set up an ArduPilot Mega 1.4 for a friend. Never had one before. Hardware installation went OK. ArduCopter V2.2b2 flas…

Started by Søren Kuula

8 Feb 27, 2012
Reply by Andrew Radford

Shorter Flight Time with Arducopter.

Hi, I just receive APM2 few days ago and I put it into my existing FyeTech frame. It fly relativelly stable in Stable mode. The only proble…

Started by yovio

2 Feb 26, 2012
Reply by Jan Schermer

Motor redundancy..... Y6? X8? Hexa? Octa? something new?

So..... I guess you could consider me a bit of a nerd gone corporate sell out. I'm all for open source, home grown, new idea, etc..... but…

Started by Steve Castano

14 Feb 26, 2012
Reply by chris g

Alternate Transmitter/Telmetry scheme...

Long ago in a galaxy far far away I built an RC solar plane. I have a lot of switching power e…

Started by Pbreed

18 Feb 25, 2012
Reply by Monroe King


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