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AutoLevel - how to use it correctly ?

So far I learned that arming for 20sec enters one of those. Then you should fly in windless conditions. Wiki says: "Once you are flying per…

Started by Andre K.

2 Feb 7, 2012
Reply by Andre K.

HexaXL flip on take off

I have an interesting problem.  I recently put my MK Hexa XL together with the MK power distribution board and BL-CTRL v2.0 ESCs.  I'm runn…

Started by Mike Goza

15 Feb 7, 2012
Reply by Mike Goza

Xbee pro could not connect any more pls help

Hi All, I am using APM1 with Xbee pro 900 stock. When I am updating params for Arducopter, I got failure and then it could not connect any…

Started by Duy Pham

3 Feb 7, 2012
Reply by Duy Pham

Flight modes on Ch5 vs RTL on Ch7, which would win?

I have loaded FW 2.3 and my quad is flying ok. My next step is to connect channels 6 & 7 and try tuning it for the first time. While lo…

Started by Alan

2 Feb 7, 2012
Reply by bergsprekken

Full state vector from IMU

Hi guys, I've been playing with a 9dof board I was using for some custom control work I had on and was wondering if it's possible to exten…

Started by Dave

4 Feb 6, 2012
Reply by Rui Manuel Cravo Marques

roll to left in acro 2.3

hi, i try the new firmware in acro mode and my arducopter roll to left so much and i can't take off. when i try to fly in stable mode it fl…

Started by Guido

2 Feb 6, 2012
Reply by Guido

Tricopter - Tail Servo not function

I have the APM 1.0 on my tricopter. The latest tricopter firmware was downloaded today. It seems the motors are working correctly. IE: They…

Started by Ross

41 Feb 5, 2012
Reply by Ross

Adding a Hall sensor to brushless motors ?

Hi Guys . I found this video. and I was wondering isnt  there any use in adding hall sensors to the motors on your copter to give feedba…

Started by Johann Van Niekerk

5 Feb 4, 2012
Reply by Dusty Starbucks

is there a place to list things for sale?

I am wanting to sell my AC, basically I just want to get a smaller one and I don't have the money for it so I'm going to sell this thing.  

Started by Brandon

1 Feb 4, 2012
Reply by Michael Pursifull

Bucket Legs Landing Gear

While learning how to fly my bird, I have given up on the crappy little legs provided by jDrones as they were broke, repaired and broke aga…

Started by Dusty Starbucks

2 Feb 4, 2012
Reply by Dusty Starbucks


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