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4.1 motor Quad

Came across this video on you tube.  A 5th prop is used for horizontal thrust. What do you guys think?

Started by michael_au

1 Mar 9, 2012
Reply by emile

Motor not spinning

I have a strange problem on my APM2 quadcopter. It is running lated code 2.4.1 It was working fine the first day, took it out in and flew w…

Started by solaris1201

6 Mar 8, 2012
Reply by solaris1201

Hexacopter uncontrollable with firmware 2.41 after 2 flights perfect.

Hi, today I have gone to fly my Hexacopter with APM 1 Ardupilot 1280 magnetometer GPS and 2.41 firmware. It flew very well during the first…

Started by luispez

2 Mar 8, 2012
Reply by luispez

Compass declination - why isn't it calculated automatically?

Hi, maybe a silly question - why isn't magnetic declination calculated in code from the GPS coordinates? Is there something that prevents i…

Started by Jan Schermer

7 Mar 7, 2012
Reply by Adam Rivera

blades snap on 3 consecutive flights!

Twice earlier this winter, I have had a go wit my quadcopter,and both times I went home with a damaged copter due to a blade snapping in mi…

Started by Geir Engebakken

7 Mar 6, 2012
Reply by Graham Dyer

Arducopter Crash analysis request

Yesterday I had several successful tests of Loiter mode, so today I decided to continue testing in windier conditions.  After confirming th…

Started by Sanjaya Kumar

9 Mar 6, 2012
Reply by Dusty Starbucks

Back in the Air

So,  last weeks episode ended with me with my head hanging low and the contemplation that hard drugs and hard alcohol could possibly act as…

Started by Dusty Starbucks

8 Mar 6, 2012
Reply by Dusty Starbucks

Acro mode wants to tilt forward

Hi, I'm experiencing a strange error with ACRO mode. It first showed up with 2.1 and now with 2.2. Basically, whenever I switch to acro mod…

Started by Jan Schermer

1 Mar 6, 2012
Reply by Jan Schermer

New hexa - bad roll gyro???

Just finished putting together my second hexacopter.  I built it just like the first one.  Loaded up 2.4 and went through all the setup stu…

Started by Mike Goza

11 Mar 6, 2012
Reply by Mike Goza

my quad just randomly flipped

hi guys, today i was doing a little bit of hovering in side, when it just randomly flipped over, i couldn't disarm the motors, i think it h…

Started by wraith

9 Mar 5, 2012
Reply by wraith


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