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New APM2 Quad on X525 - Looking for settings

Hi, I have started to build new quad with X525 frame. motor are KDA 20-22L. Can someone share good initial settings to start from. Thanks.

Started by Tsahi Mizrahi

3 Jun 16, 2012
Reply by Jerry Normandin

Interlock for GPS acquisition

Is there a provision I haven't found for interlocking the motor arming for the GPS>Inever expect to use the hex in any mode other than o…

Started by Alvin Stewart

0 Jun 16, 2012

new quad shakeout- uncontrollable/inconsistant hover and rotation

Long time lurker, first time caller- just built a quad with the prebuilt APM2 and the DIY drones kit and Ive been having issues everywhere…

Started by Bart Mowrey

13 Jun 15, 2012
Reply by Bart Mowrey

Bug with Reverse Throttle with Arducopter 2.5.5 found

Hi,   I am finishing up with my APM 2.0 Quad build.  During setup  I discovered a bug. I calibrated my Spectrum DX5e correctly.  The trans…

Started by Jerry Normandin

0 Jun 15, 2012

Telemetry Xbee Communication Error With Mission Planner

I have a problem communicating to the ground station using Xbee modules. After clicking on connect, it tries to communicate then waits 30…

Started by Abusus

0 Jun 15, 2012


Motor Dips in Flight, Connections Soldered

Hi, I was hoping you experts could help me troubleshoot a problem with my quad I've just encountered. I'm testing out the lab's quadrotor w…

Started by Stephen Gienow

7 Jun 15, 2012
Reply by Jean-Marc Gendreau

Hexa with 850 Kv motors and 12x45 propellers

Gents, I did a mistake and ordered the standard 3DR propellers for the hexa. I was supposed to go for the standard ones, but managed to ge…

Started by Bjørn Didriksen

1 Jun 15, 2012
Reply by Vernon Barry

Any tips on tuning for a 540mm hobbyking frame w/ NTM 26-28 1200kv 250w motors 30A esc ? 10.5" props.

Does anyone have stable PID settings for a similar platform that that they would like to share ?

Started by Jerry Normandin

0 Jun 15, 2012

Almost done with my 540mm Quad APM 2.0 build. Got some oddities with my Spektrum DX 5e can someone help ?

Hi!,   I almost have my 540mm Qaud finished.  I've got the ESC all calibrated,  I've got APM 2.5 loaded. I'm configured, all the motors are…

Started by Jerry Normandin

1 Jun 15, 2012
Reply by Jerry Normandin


Hi Guys, I have now just got my APM2 :-) all up and running BUT I get a GPS fix blue light solid but NO out put in the Mission Planner ver…

Started by Graham Miller

4 Jun 15, 2012
Reply by Graham Miller


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