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Pitch forward causes large gain in altitude

Hi Folks, I have a stock 3DR with APM2 (default PID parameters) and sonar. This is the first time I've flown the APM2, having upgraded fro…

Started by Crispin

5 May 11, 2012
Reply by Dean Wynton

Relay on Channel 7

Is it possible to set the relay to activate on channel 7 instead of 6? I want to use channel 6 to control the servo tilt for my FPV camera…

Started by Andrew

4 May 10, 2012
Reply by Andrew

Tricopter servo-receiver

Hi every one, i have a question, i need use a servo but i dont know how to conect it, the servo have 3 wires, and atached to a conector lik…

Started by Juan Sebastian Otalora Acevedo

4 May 10, 2012
Reply by Juan Sebastian Otalora Acevedo

Arducopter v2.5.x Random crash

Hey guys,   Unfortunately my problem persists... A while back I had a problem where my quad would be flying perfectly and then with out war…

Started by Craig Burden

19 May 10, 2012
Reply by david.wiens

Unable to arm hexa

I recently updated my 9x to er9x. Ever since doing so I am unable to arm my copter. I've run the radio calibration and it's picking up all…

Started by Andrew Adams

18 May 10, 2012
Reply by Andrew Adams

Newbie Quadcopter build - Won't hover, wants to fly off

Hi all, New to the forum and quad building. Recently finished my APM2 quadcopter build, with a 550 frame from one of those cheapo chinese…

Started by Jeremy Gore

7 May 10, 2012
Reply by Jeremy Gore


20mph + winds

I have just been flying my tricopter in 20 to 29 mph winds and found it a bit of a handful, now some of you may think "of course" but this…

Started by Dean Wynton

2 May 10, 2012
Reply by Dean Wynton

Why no CH6_opt

   After playing with Mp and APM2  looking for the CH6_opt for tuning as described in the wiki  I started looking at the source. I see the…

Started by John Mulligan

5 May 10, 2012
Reply by John Mulligan

In Theory, some say my Hexacopter can't get it up!

This video I made tells my story.

Started by James Dinh

4 May 10, 2012
Reply by Jeff Milay


New UK Arducopter / Plane Group

For those you suffering with the recent weather:) Join up here to share help advice and ideas or even meet up if your not too far away No t…

Started by Dean Wynton

3 May 10, 2012
Reply by Dean Wynton


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