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Need advice on Voltage and Current readings

Hi all, I sat down last night to install the attopilot current sensor on my quad but must admit that after reading the wiki I have come awa…

Started by Eoin

3 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by Ruwan


LiPo Question

Hi, How to know your battery level whether it is within the safe level during flight? (w/o voltage sensors) Is it a time limit? The Story:…

Started by Ruwan

8 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by Ruwan

Motor loss during flight - motor redundancy

  Hi Everyone.  I've been searching google and this site for videos, studies, tests, etc.. regarding the optimum setup for staying in the a…

Started by Dustin

2 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by Dustin

Any interest on DIY mod to slave external LED's to the "motors armed LED"?

I figured out how to successfully drive a large LED bank with external power by the same circuit that powers the "C" LED on the APM 1.4 shi…

Started by Rob_Lefebvre

12 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by Rob_Lefebvre

Troubleshoot an unstable quad?

We just built a quad here at the QC Co-Lab, but we can't figure out why it won't stabilize.  The left/right axis is stable but the front ba…

Started by David R Hinkle

15 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by David R Hinkle

Catalog of Useful User Hacks Wiki

I've started a new page in the Appendix of the Arducopter Wiki.  The intent is just to gather up any of the really good hacks that have bee…

Started by Rob_Lefebvre

2 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by Rob_Lefebvre

Unable to run the ESC calibrations.

Any hints?  Is the procedure missing anything? I can arm the motors and spin it up but it wants to flip. Safety first - Remove props! Disc…

Started by Steven Thompson

2 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by Steven Thompson

Copter rolls left

Hey folks. Can anyone help with this one? In the mission planner, the artificial horizon says the copter is level. I have done two auto le…

Started by Brian Boyle

8 Jan 3, 2012
Reply by Brian Boyle

How do I findout what chpset I am using on the lower board.

Trying to figure out what chipset I am using on the lower board of my APM. anyone know a way to tell that .   thanks n advanced.

Started by Stuart Weener

1 Jan 2, 2012
Reply by Chris Anderson

Arducopter - Problems with HIL Simulation, Yaw Problems, Alt Problems, Stopping Motors. Hexa Code

Hey I bought an APM with the DIY Magnetometer and the MB1200 Sonar, Soldered by myself. My TX is a MX-16 2,4ghz from Graupner. My ESCs are…

Started by Chris

18 Jan 2, 2012
Reply by Chris


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