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Code Adjustments to Implement Additional Motor Outputs

Hello all,Currently, I am working on a senior design project for school implementing the Arducopter platform with APM Planner combined with…

Started by busyguyt12

2 May 22, 2012
Reply by busyguyt12

Seperate GPS / Magnetometer on APM2

So, I've bought an APM2 with integrated GPS and Magnetometer, and I'm planning on putting it on a HoverThings HT-FPV frame. First up, is a…

Started by James Y.

1 May 22, 2012
Reply by James Y.

Results of my week-end

Hello Everyone, i have a question regarding the RTL function: Does the copter usually fly a direct straight line when using the RTL or do…

Started by Florian G

2 May 22, 2012
Reply by Florian G

Loiter Hold/RTL/Auto mode in wind

I'm curious to know how much wind you all have been able to get loiter hold, RTL, or even Auto mode to work in.  So far, I've got loiter a…

Started by Vishal

3 May 21, 2012
Reply by Terry Brooks

Basic Autonomous Flight

Hi all,   Having some problems getting my quad (GAUI 330x) to fly autonomously using APM1 (including GPS and Xbee modules from the diydrone…

Started by Jake Simon

9 May 21, 2012
Reply by Jake Simon

3DR HEXA Param File

Looking for some help. I have the 850 Motors and 10 Inch props. My Hexa is very unstable no wobbling but drifts very bad and very hard to c…

Started by Randall Richmond

2 May 21, 2012
Reply by Lukas Holoubek

3DR hexa building manual/tuto ?

Hi, does anyone know if there is a detailed manual for building an Arducopter 3DR Hexa from the start, just like the one you can find for t…

Started by Manu

3 May 21, 2012
Reply by Lukas Holoubek

Compile Error with ArduCopter 2.5.5

I tried to upload the new ArduCopter 2.5.5 firmware in order to test whether or not everything was in order, and I get a specific compile e…

Started by busyguyt12

9 May 21, 2012
Reply by busyguyt12

What is the best flight time for multicopter?

hi, i need best flight time for multicopter i need a configuration for flight with a 1kg payload what can be the best flight time what is t…

Started by TUFAN OZBEK

4 May 21, 2012

OSD that uses the Arducopter sensors and gps ?

HI guys, is there anything affordable available that gives me and OSD that used all the sensors the Arducopter offers?   This way it could…

Started by CyberCrash

18 May 21, 2012
Reply by Jake Stew


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