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I Can't Compile ACM 2.0 Beta

Hi,   I am having some trouble getting the code to compile. I downloaded the ACM 2.0 Beta, then dropped the libraries off in Arduino-->l…

Started by Sean O'Connor

5 May 10, 2011
Reply by Russell B. Sutton

Help with Tuning AC2

Hi Folks, Im new to these forums but have been lurking for a year,First Grats on AC2 Beta, the Mission Planner is excellent and the CLI is…

Started by Franco Nogarin

6 May 10, 2011
Reply by Matthew Gray

Upgrading to the latest version

I have just carried out an update check from APM Planner and appear to have downloaded an update from the activity in the mission planner w…

Started by Philip Fretwell

2 May 10, 2011
Reply by Philip Fretwell

ArduCopter2 Trouble connecting

I have connected and uploaded the new code via mission planner. I have gone through the setup with the CLI and MP. When I slide the switch…

Started by Russell B. Sutton

46 May 10, 2011
Reply by Russell B. Sutton

3D Robotics

Arducopter2.02 wont compile

ArduCopterMega.cpp: In function 'void medium_loop()':ArduCopterMega:596: error: no matching function for call to 'AP_Compass_HMC5843::calcu…

Started by Alan Sanchez

1 May 10, 2011
Reply by Alan Sanchez

Xbee doesn't work any more with new software

Hey guys, thanks for the great new software. I love all the functions there are and everything works great.   Except my xbee modules I used…

Started by CyberCrash

9 May 9, 2011
Reply by Vincent Mees

Mag orientation and offsets

Hi   Thanks to Jason and DIY drones / ardupilot community for creating all this for us!   I have been fooling around with latest arducopter…

Started by Al Ros

11 May 9, 2011
Reply by Vincent Mees

Latest beta not working at all? (as at 9th May 2011)

Is there something wrong with the very latest version of the code?  Following Jason's post a few hours ago (where he says that a new versio…

Started by Nigel

12 May 9, 2011
Reply by LAIC

X Configuration and APM Placement

I've been running NG RC2 in X configuration and noticed in the docs for Arducopter 2 Beta 1 a difference between these two pages: AC2_Frame…

Started by Heino R. Pull

3 May 8, 2011
Reply by Dany Thivierge

How to enable position hold and altitude hold and stuff

I'm running the new code and all functions work and my quad seems pretty stable with initial settings.   The answer to my question may well…

Started by Philip Fretwell

1 May 8, 2011
Reply by CyberCrash


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