ArduIMU + V2 (flat) hardware: tech support (18)

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Supported Autopilots

    Hi there, could someone tell me if the APM 2.5+ is compatable with Andropilot please   it does not appear in the compatable list. Does…

Started by Alan Morgan

1 Oct 11, 2013

ArduIMU+ v2 not getting fixes from GPS GS407 with DIYDrones breakout

Hello:     I have an ArduIMU+ v2, with a DIYDrones GS407 and breakout board (basic).  I am supplying power to the ArduIMU+ with a 7.2V LiPo…

Started by devangel77b

2 Oct 11, 2013

How I can to extrac roll, pitch and yaw info from Arduimu +V2?

Hello to everybody in this forum!!!! I am doing a project with Arduimu V2 + Arduino and I am not able to extract roll, picth and yaw info f…

Started by Daniel Gonzalez

0 Apr 2, 2013

is theres a safety fuse on apm 2.5?

help advise pls.. i will trnsfer my apm 2.5 to my kyosho calmato.since my skywalker crashed yesterday which the reason i dunno...will it wo…

Started by jose

0 Feb 27, 2013

Need help with my compass on apm 2.0

Cli reads compass not healthy Any help to track down the problem Would be great Or if anyone has a daughter board that they wanna sell plea…

Started by Isaac

0 Feb 25, 2013

ArduIMU V2 Uploading Code 1.9.8 Problems

Hi, I tried now several Times to Compile the 1.9.8 Code for my V2 Hardware. Allways shows up with the same error Message: Arduimo:248: err…

Started by Mayk Goettke

0 Dec 30, 2012

Short (34 ohms) between power rails?

Hello, I have what seems to be a fully functional ArduIMU v2.  I can program it via Arduino IDE and see the output on the serial console.  …

Started by jyro

1 Jan 30, 2012

ArduIMU+ V2

I would like to know how can I read raw ADC value of the accelerometer and the gyro from this IMU? Is it possible to use the code found in…

Started by kuxz

0 Sep 12, 2011

ArduIMUv2 + Barometer sensor + DOSDv2

When I connecting in a daisy chain fashion the pass through on the BP085BR-v2 barometer to ArduIMUv2 the DOSDv2 it either fails to boot usi…

Started by Peter

0 Jul 30, 2011

ArduIMU +V2(flat) with GPS

I would like to know is it possible to use the Locosys LS20031 GPS module with the ArduIMU V2? If possible, how do I go about connecting it?

Started by kuxz

0 Jul 14, 2011


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