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Ardupilot 2.5 mega , not working

Hello, My Ardupilot 2.5 mega not working when turn on only green light next to GPS port is steady green and GPS seems ok,i.e got steady red…

Started by aaron manee

0 yesterday

How to read acceleration from APM using mavlink (c++)?

Hello all, Recently I started working with APM and mavlink. I'm trying to get attitude and acceleration data from APM via USB. So far I was…

Started by Mateusz Sadowski

8 on Monday
Reply by thomas Butler

Yet Another APM 2.0 Power Problem

EDIT: I moved this discussion over to ArduCopter 2.X (MultiCopter)... I shorted across the power rail while APM 2.0 Board was energized vi…

Started by Charles Henderson

0 Apr 14

in-fight fight plan changes

Hi,  I am new to drones and am starting to work on a project for a drone to use image processing to compute its flight direction/destinatio…

Started by Dov

0 Apr 7

Plannified Home vs first GPS fix Home ?

My first missions are all working great, including hand-launching in auto-mode which is a littke gem, RTL, loiter and mission auto-land pro…

Started by Frejus

3 Mar 21
Reply by Frejus

Radio calibrates channel 5 fine but flight mode would not change ?

I am coming from the multi rotor apm world where channel 5 makes flight mode changing. I have a 6 channels Futaba RC, channel 5 has only 2…

Started by Frejus

2 Mar 20
Reply by mP1

first mission : plane keeps on climbing between waypoints and never stops...

I am ALMOST excited further to my very first APM 2.5 + Bixler 1 mission... My waypoints are low,but the plane keeps on climbing while goin…

Started by Frejus

2 Mar 19
Reply by Frejus

APM 2.5 and 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 - "NO GPS" problem in Mission planer

Hi! I build kit arducopter quad, and go to test it. But GPS don't work.  I try everything,  1 reset APM,  2 erase APM,  3 upload 2.8.1  4 a…


2 Mar 19
Reply by CyberCrash

Failsafe APM 2.6 / 9XR TX / R710 RX - need help !

Hi, I'm currently trying to configure throttle failsafe RTH on my 3DR APM 2.6 and I have some trouble to understand how it work and how I c…

Started by Jeremy Albou

1 Mar 18
Reply by Brad Roekle

No throttle on APM 1.4

Hey all, Hoping you'll be able to help! So, I've got everything working except the throttle output. The Tx/Rx Calibration in mission plan…

Started by Ryan

1 Mar 18
Reply by Ryan


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