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How to read acceleration from APM using mavlink (c++)?

Hello all, Recently I started working with APM and mavlink. I'm trying to get attitude and acceleration data from APM via USB. So far I was…

Started by Mateusz Sadowski

4 yesterday
Reply by Sean Lawlor

Yet Another APM 2.0 Power Problem

EDIT: I moved this discussion over to ArduCopter 2.X (MultiCopter)... I shorted across the power rail while APM 2.0 Board was energized vi…

Started by Charles Henderson

0 on Monday

in-fight fight plan changes

Hi,  I am new to drones and am starting to work on a project for a drone to use image processing to compute its flight direction/destinatio…

Started by Dov

0 Apr 7

Plannified Home vs first GPS fix Home ?

My first missions are all working great, including hand-launching in auto-mode which is a littke gem, RTL, loiter and mission auto-land pro…

Started by Frejus

3 Mar 21
Reply by Frejus

Radio calibrates channel 5 fine but flight mode would not change ?

I am coming from the multi rotor apm world where channel 5 makes flight mode changing. I have a 6 channels Futaba RC, channel 5 has only 2…

Started by Frejus

2 Mar 20
Reply by mP1

first mission : plane keeps on climbing between waypoints and never stops...

I am ALMOST excited further to my very first APM 2.5 + Bixler 1 mission... My waypoints are low,but the plane keeps on climbing while goin…

Started by Frejus

2 Mar 19
Reply by Frejus

APM 2.5 and 3DR GPS uBlox LEA-6 - "NO GPS" problem in Mission planer

Hi! I build kit arducopter quad, and go to test it. But GPS don't work.  I try everything,  1 reset APM,  2 erase APM,  3 upload 2.8.1  4 a…


2 Mar 19
Reply by CyberCrash

Failsafe APM 2.6 / 9XR TX / R710 RX - need help !

Hi, I'm currently trying to configure throttle failsafe RTH on my 3DR APM 2.6 and I have some trouble to understand how it work and how I c…

Started by Jeremy Albou

1 Mar 18
Reply by Brad Roekle

No throttle on APM 1.4

Hey all, Hoping you'll be able to help! So, I've got everything working except the throttle output. The Tx/Rx Calibration in mission plan…

Started by Ryan

1 Mar 18
Reply by Ryan

Changing Flight Mode 6

Flight mode 6 is manual , greyed out, and cannot be modified. How can I modified it to STABILIZE or FBWA please ? Thank you

Started by Frejus

3 Mar 18
Reply by Frejus


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