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APM2.5 5V/Vcc Schematic

Frequently asked questions are about powering an APM2.5 or why the same does not work or why it has failed. Here is a simplified schematic…

Started by R. D. StarwaltLatest Reply

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New APM 2 fails to connect. No heatbeat packets received!!!!

I use windows 7 with all the drivers installed. My PC recognise the Arduino Mega 2560 (Com port 20) and show the device as working. When I…

Started by Ben

6 yesterday
Reply by Forrest Frantz

Brown out, then failure of an Arduflyer 2.5.2 during Compass Calibration.

During an attempted Compass Dance, I was trying to get a good distance from my laptop during a Compass Calibration while I was reinstalling…

Started by Chris Leech

3 on Tuesday
Reply by Chris Leech

Motors arm and spin but won't spin up

What little hair I have is puled out!! I'm working my way through setting up an apm 2.6 for the fist time and am stumped. I'm using Afro 30…

Started by Terry

3 on Monday
Reply by Juan Federico Rossi

Possible UART0 Failure [Solved]

I believe the UART that USB and telemetry share has stopped working. Everything was working great for months with telemetry, teensy, jd-min…

Started by John H

1 on Monday
Reply by John H

APM 2.5.2 Won't Install Firmware/Connect Mavlink - TX and RX constantly blinking

I got this APM from my professor which apparently was working last semester but running into issues:   -I hooked up everything according to…

Started by Nolan Crook

17 on Sunday
Reply by Christopher Zubris

3DR Power Module not very accurate - What should I expect?

I've been dialing in the calibration of my 3DR current sensor by changing the value of the VOLT_DIVIDER value in the Advance Parameters lis…

Started by Tom Mahood

9 on Saturday
Reply by thomas Butler

Help with APM 2.6 needed please!

Hello everyone, I am doing a project to create a fully autonomous UAV and am currently in the electronic setup phase.   I have a: 3 cell ‘Z…

Started by Liam

1 Apr 18
Reply by Martin Poller

Upgrade a MK into a Arducopter!

Hello guys! I have a Hexakopter MK, and I want to upgrade to Arducopter. I want to know if I can use the BL-Ctrl 1.2 (MK's i2c ESC) with th…

Started by Diego Fdez.

8 Apr 18
Reply by Marco Bauer

How to write PWM values A0-A12 pins as a Digital Output Pin?? Please help

I've been researching this for a while now and I can't find anything conclusive on how to do what I want to do. Background Im using the APM…

Started by Eric Hunkler

0 Apr 17

Blown Fuse (F1) on 2.6 - Board won't power up at all - HELP!

Hi all, So my APM 2.6 is dead, whether powered by the 3DR PM, USB, or ESC's through J1 (i normally do not use J1, I temporarily hooked it…

Started by Nolan Crook

2 Apr 13
Reply by R. D. Starwalt


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