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APM2.5 5V/Vcc Schematic

Frequently asked questions are about powering an APM2.5 or why the same does not work or why it has failed. Here is a simplified schematic…

Started by R. D. StarwaltLatest Reply

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Looking for APM 2.5 controllers - the purple circuit

Hi I am looking for 2 of the old apm2.5 model purple circuit board controllers for a project i am working on - i would be happy to pay a re…

Started by Al French

0 on Friday

Need sensors attached for stabilize mode?

Hi folks, I am looking at using an APM2.5 i have spare from an old quadcopter to put into one of my planes. I am looking at only using the…

Started by Finnius

0 Feb 27

Upgrade a MK into a Arducopter!

Hello guys! I have a Hexakopter MK, and I want to upgrade to Arducopter. I want to know if I can use the BL-Ctrl 1.2 (MK's i2c ESC) with th…

Started by Diego Fdez.

21 Feb 23
Reply by Alessandro Scarabelli

Controlling APM with MAVLINK protocol

Hi everyone, I'm new here and I'm planning to start a new project with Ardupilot (Copter). For this project I'm planning to use an APM 2.6…

Started by Sergi Torrabadella Faucon

0 Feb 16

Telemetry Port on UART 2

Hello all, I am currently using a APM 2.6, I connected a 3DR radio through telemetry port. From what I read online, there are few things I…

Started by Tearabbit

2 Feb 14
Reply by Juul

APM 2.5 won't heartbeat packets received.

Hey guys could really use your help here. Building first quad. I have the APM 2.5 and had the mission planner installed all working fine,…

Started by Warren Dunn

61 Feb 2
Reply by Robert Brown

problems with apm 2.6 + raspberry pi mavproxy

hi i am trying to set up mavproxy with a raspberry pi + apm 2.6 using the instructions here:

Started by Rob K

7 Jan 20
Reply by Queiroz Jones


I need help with setting up my DJI F450 . I bought a kit on ebay and put it all together. Checked continuity and all is ok. My problem is I…

Started by Don Calhoon

1 Jan 20
Reply by Queiroz Jones

APM only arms with USB connected

I recently had a hardware issue with my APM2.6 and discovered the power Zener had blown so I replaced it. Now when I arm the APM with just…

Started by Jim Beagley

1 Jan 20
Reply by Queiroz Jones

i have a apm 3dr 2.6 original

so it was all working fine . i took it out after 4 months it was mounted on my hexacopter so when i tried connecting through usb it said ti…

Started by Arpan Ghosh

2 Jan 20
Reply by Queiroz Jones


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