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APM2.5 5V/Vcc Schematic

Frequently asked questions are about powering an APM2.5 or why the same does not work or why it has failed. Here is a simplified schematic…

Started by R. D. StarwaltLatest Reply

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How to flash Arduplane with ISP

Hello guys, one of my boards has a problem with the USB port (APM 2.5) - and still works via telemetry with UART0. anyway, i would like t…

Started by Lior Zahavi

0 3 hours ago

Max voltage for PM voltage on APM board

Hi guys,  I have a question regarding the input voltage for the APM board. I know the PM distributes a voltage of 5.3V through the BEC. I…

Started by Al Creigh

1 8 hours ago
Reply by Bill Bonney

Sonar Enable checkbox not being able to check in APM 2.6

Hi I have AMP 2.6 with Arducopter 2.3.  I have Sonar MB1040 LV-MaxSonar-EZ4.  it;'s connected in A0 with Signal in AN port of the sonar.…

Started by Bruno Rovagnati

10 yesterday
Reply by M.A.N.

MiniAPM v3.1

Hi, I noticed a reference to this in a blog post:

Started by Shane Hopcroft

52 yesterday
Reply by franko_

ArduPPM sbus support.. I'm confused

Sorry, I was googling around and found this: Shows there is a new version of the PPM encoder t…

Started by Josh Gluck

2 on Tuesday
Reply by Urkadurka

Sbus Support

Can I just plus Sbus in like PPM and it will work? That’s the way it is on my pixhawk. If not will future firmware updates have this featur…

Started by Mike Mac

4 on Tuesday
Reply by Urkadurka

MinimOSD and HKpilot

I am not sure where to post this question...feel free to berate me as i am new to the forum. I am setting up a HKpilot system with the OS…

Started by Todd Steever

13 Dec 11
Reply by Todd Steever


I am trying to change Altitude Hold P to do althold , but I don't know when I input p=1 , is it really ''1'' to apm or ''0.1'' and  ''0.01'…

Started by 許裕鴻

0 Dec 10

HKPilotmega 2.7 help

So, I was getting some great help on the other forum until it was brought to light I was using the HK version of the ardupilot mega flight…

Started by Todd Steever

0 Dec 9

Couple issues with APM 2, Compass and initializing ESCs

Hi, I have an APM2 and am just getting around to setting it up.  I am having 2 problems.    The onboard compass keeps pointing to approx.…

Started by Jay Molis

2 Dec 9
Reply by Fenny85


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