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APM 2.6 autonomous flight code from GitHub

Hello everyone, I have a quadcopter having 4 obstacle sensors attached, and I am using APM 2.6. I want to use my phone to mount it on the…

Started by Virgil

0 Feb 19

Angle of Attack Downlink

I would like to add an Angle of Attack (AoA) sensor to my APM2.5 and downlink the data via my 3DR radio to the APM Mission Planner.  Howeve…

Started by Aaron Wyp

12 Feb 16
Reply by James Overington

Flight data logging

Hey, Hopefully this is in the right area. Before buying all the kit I was wondering if the software (mission planner?) is able to show whe…

Started by Callum Ward-Kendall

0 Feb 16

APM Elevon Mixing

Hey Guys, I can't tell if this menu just doesnt work, or what it is even doing. In mission planner on the radio setup page, the elevon mix…

Started by Martin Bialy

0 Feb 16

Installing a LIDAR Lite on APM 2.6

I am pretty new to adding custom components to the APM 2.6 Recently our team purchased a Pulsed Lite Lidar-Lite and we are trying to run i…

Started by Zach Levine

0 Feb 16

"No Heatbeat packets received"

Hello,  My APM is having issues connecting via radio.  It gives the error "No heatbeat packets received".  I have the most recent driver f…

Started by Alex Witte

0 Feb 8


Altitude from baro or GPS? (APM:Plane)

Is it advisable to give GPS altitude a little weight over baro alt due to baro drift? We are seeing a +10m to -10m altitude variance after…

Started by Graham Dyer

9 Feb 2
Reply by Tom Pittenger

Setting up my APM 2.6 with Futaba 10j and v-tail servo connection.

I have read a lot of instructions and watched so many how to videos on this subject but I am still unsure that I have it right. I have spen…

Started by Michael Withington

13 Feb 1
Reply by Michael Withington

Build ArduPlane-v2.75 to Pixhawk

Hi, How can I build ArduCopter v3.1 (inside ArduPlane-v2.75 folder) for pixhawk? If I use the I…

Started by Menno Hochstenbach

9 Jan 31
Reply by Bill Geyer

LEA-6H connected to RcTimer AIOP V2.0 gives interference on acc and gyro.

I've bought RcTimer Crius AIOP V2.0 and RcTimer LEA-6H with mag. I use ArduPlane V2.76 firmware for board. When i connect GPS to board all…

Started by Vital Belikov

8 Jan 30
Reply by Andreas Breitenstein


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