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Can you help me explain this stall in level flight?

I've been test flying my multiplex cularis with a lot of weight, so it tends to stall around 25kph in level flight (I only have GPS speed f…

Started by Marc MERLIN

3 Aug 16
Reply by Marc MERLIN

What the hell happened to my plane?

I just took my built up Bixler 2 for a test fly, and a couple of minutes in, It nosed dived into the ground and completely wrote off the pl…

Started by Jerry Hatrick

4 Aug 16
Reply by Jerry Hatrick

RX inputs bad?

I transferred my APM 2.5.2 from one of my quads to a foam wing I built. Want to do some waypoint guided photography stuff. Flashed the APM…

Started by Michael DuQuette

1 Aug 16
Reply by Michael DuQuette


Hi, Can anyone explain stabilization() in Arduplane code. I am planning to do roll stabilization. Can anyone explain how to do roll stabil…

Started by Priya

2 Aug 14
Reply by Huh Jae-Yeon

Hil Firmware on a Pixhawk

I am wanting to install the Hil firmware on to a pixhawk to do some simulations in xplane but keep getting upload errors.Works fine on APM.…

Started by Bob

1 Aug 14
Reply by Huh Jae-Yeon

How would you make a VTOL UAV (plane landing as tricopter) ?

Hi, I would like to build a VTOL UAV (a little bit like this one: Mini Panther ). Basically it should launch and fly as a plane with the t…

Started by Ultrafuge

1 Aug 13
Reply by APMlover

Pixhawk BRD_SER1_RTSCTS and BRD_SER2_RTSCTS flow control detection don't work with minimosd or 3dr radio

I spent way too long yesterday debugging why my 4 wire cable to a 3dr radio wasn't working until I added 2 more wires for CTS/RTS and then…

Started by Marc MERLIN

0 Aug 12

Bad compass health, No RC receiver

Hi guys, took my arduplane for a flight the other day (EPP FPV) and when I went to look at the telemetry after my flight, I was confronted…

Started by Jerry Hatrick

18 Aug 12
Reply by Chris

Can the pixhawk speaker can be used as a lost model finder?

Is there any way to program it to either 1) turn on when I give certain inputs on channel 8 so that I can find a lost plane in tall weeds?…

Started by Marc MERLIN

0 Aug 11


"Fly to here" in Cruise Mode?

What happens if in changing from Auto to Cruise Mode and then one clicks "Fly to here" on the Mission Planner? (Without RC connected?) Will…

Started by Graham Dyer

2 Aug 11
Reply by Graham Dyer


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