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New motors for 12" & 3DR 2014 quad (3S)

Ok, the 2014 quad had a near-fatal crash today...take off, then things went haywire. Power on "landing" onto tarmac from 30m. I think i've…

Started by Euan Ramsay

1 on Sunday
Reply by Euan Ramsay

1st Build - Flame Wheel F450 frame

Hey Everybody, After many hours of frustration and research, I have finally decided to build my first quad. For the frame, I've bought the…

Started by Ian Duncan

2 on Saturday
Reply by Gary McCray

What caused this motor to burn up?

This motor turns fine.  Ohms are 0.4 on all phases, same as all the others.  I was doing some tuning in the house and smelled burning.  Sto…

Started by Pedals2Paddles

1 Jul 12
Reply by James Overington

One motor requires more throttle to start spinning

Hi, I've got one motor on my 3DR Y6 that won't spin during a motor test, or when the drone is armed and MOT_SPIN_ARMED is set to "Slow". Al…

Started by nickthecook

1 Jul 10
Reply by nickthecook

Possible to fix a failed motor?

A couple days ago, my 3DR Y6 suffered a failure mid-flight. I maintained altitude and some control for a few seconds, then, with the thrott…

Started by nickthecook

4 Jul 8
Reply by nickthecook

Y6 Props same size or bigger on bottom

I'm confused I have a 3D Robotics 2013 Y6 kit and it has the 10" on top and the 11" for bottom Props.  But I see the 2014 Y6 is going with…

Started by Scot Perry

1 Jul 6
Reply by DG

Recommend a motor in combination with a propellor size

Which motor can you recommend me to buy for a quadcopter to lift a total weight of 2.2 kg. Which motor in combination with a propellor can…

Started by Jimmy Mars

1 Jul 6
Reply by Jethro Hazelhurst

How to clean the 850Kv Jdrone Motors?

I crash my quad-copter into a muddy area and some mud have gotten into the motor. Is it possible to open up the motor and get the mud out?…

Started by harin sanghirun

3 Jul 4
Reply by nickthecook

I chose poorly -- motors getting too hot

After all the configuration in APM, fixing MODE 1 vs 2, then fixing having reversed the throttle (because Turnigy's UI is a bucket of suck…

Started by Hugh Hemington

0 Jul 3

New bearings for NTM Propdrive 28-26 1200kv

Hey guys, Got a question... I am building my first quadcopter and all was well until I span the motor... I heard this stuttering/rattling…

Started by Harry Stuart

0 Jul 3


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