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370kv motors rpm dipping at specific input level

I am using HobbyWing 30A Platinum Pro opto ESCs and the motors are HengLi W48-30 KV370. When the quadcopter gets to a certain RPM the whole…

Started by Marshall House

0 on Saturday

testing out motor + ESC

Hi,  I bought a motor and ESC, and I would like to get the motor spinning, controlled from a PC Besides the motor, ESC, battery, what oth…

Started by NPQ

0 on Saturday

loctite on motor mounting screws?

Hi,  Building my first quad here. I bought some sunnnysky 2212 980KV motors, which comes with a motor, a prop adaptor, and mounting screw…

Started by NPQ

0 on Saturday

Motors noisy after crash

My new set of DJI E300 motors must have taken a beating in a crash yesterday as I have just tested them and they sound noisier than before…

Started by Dave Crowder

0 Jan 18

Dual Powered Drones

Is anyone aware of a sUAS powered by separate electric and gas engines? That’s is, not a hybrid gas engine charging batteries. 

Started by George Mancuso

0 Jan 17

How to measure prop against winds?

Hi,  I'm a beginner. I've read and known what the pitch of a prop is. My question: Is there a method (or rule of thumb) about how to select…

Started by Tommy Le

1 Jan 16
Reply by Ray Lionel

Propeller size and batteries.

Hi you all.This is my first post here so i hope i am at the right place.I need an advice.I am upgrading my 11000mm octocopter x8 and i did…

Started by Johannes Jonsson

1 Jan 15
Reply by Johannes Jonsson

Q-Brain escs beeping

Hi, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I'm 13 years old and I'm just getting into the hobby with a DIY 3D printed multirotor.…

Started by Harry Ziegler

1 Jan 11
Reply by Harry Ziegler

Model of PWM to thrust

I'm trying to build a (simple) formal model of the dynamics of an actual quadcopter. In particular, I'm targeting the 3DR IRIS+. This requi…

Started by Daniel Ricketts

0 Jan 8

Battery Selection / Motor Specs - custom power module - 3DR 2014 DIY Quad w/ Tarot 2-axis gimbal

Total newb here: I'm looking to maximize the flight time for my 2014 DIY Quad w/ the recent addition of a Tarot 2-axis gimbal.Currently I…

Started by Rick McEwen

0 Jan 5


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