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Servo throws

With ardupilot mega how do I adjust travel limit when using elevon mixing for a wing? 

Started by Jeff

2 Jul 11
Reply by innotect

Learning and Using Lift/Drag

  Learning and Using Airplane Lift/Drag by FRANCIS NELSON HENDERSON June 18, 2014   Plane autopilots are installed in new airplanes without…


1 Jun 24

"Tractor" glider - Configuration files - Phoenix 2000

Hello! I'm looking for configuration files. I install  APM 2.5 in "Phoenix 2000" glider Does anyone configuration files for "Phoenix 2000…

Started by Alev

0 Jun 14

Learning and Using Stall Speed

Stall Speed for ArduPlane: by FRANCIS NELSON HENDERSON June, 2014   Stall speed (Vs) is unknown at every new Ardupilot installation.  Yet,…


3 Jun 10
Reply by Jose.L.Jr

APM placement in Skywalker X8

Hi, I am currently building a Skywalker x8 (with live video and telemetry over 3/4G using a Raspberry pi, which is working).  I am wonder…

Started by Håvard Lothe Lauritsen

1 Jun 9
Reply by Håvard Lothe Lauritsen

Plane flies always 30-40m starboard of planned flightpath

Using Arduplane 3.0.1 and MP 1.2.99 we first had (if memory serves right) several good testflights with accurate results (unfortunately the…

Started by Remo Peduzzi

2 Jun 5
Reply by Remo Peduzzi

Arduplane: What's the proper method to tune a plane with huge control throws?

What is the proper method to limit the control throws in Arduplane? I'm using APM in a plane with large control throws. I use 3 rates on m…

Started by turdsurfer

2 Jun 4
Reply by turdsurfer

Tight space landing - Maybe use a controlled downward spiral?

Did a little research and couldn't find anything that made sense, so I figured I'd just ask... I know that a downward spiraling flight patt…

Started by Ken Gaines

1 May 19
Reply by iskess

offset with the altitude! ardupilot or google earth error??

Hi all! Everything seems to work like a charm now in my bixler with 2.62 ardupilot firmware ( crossing fingers!! ). However, when I plotted…

Started by Asaak

4 Apr 14
Reply by Pekka Ahola

Failed on my first RC flight - any tips for a newbie?

Well I went out this morning to try and fly my Bixler for the first time. I have quite a bit of multirotor flying experience, but no fixed…

Started by Christopher Cooper

27 Mar 26
Reply by Bruce Jones


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