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Why do we need both message ID and payload Length on MAVlink?

I mean if I know the ID of the message I also know it's size, so why use both in the header?

Started by prokas nikos

3 Aug 9, 2015
Reply by prokas nikos

How to use 'mavlink_msg_set_roll_pitch_yaw_thrust' ??

I'm finding a way to implement a control input from my PC to ardupilot, and control my quadrotor with my computer. I found that there is a…

Started by Chad Lee

0 Jul 24, 2015

Integrating MAVlink on Arduino Nano

Hey everybody, I've been trying for over a week to compile MAVlink on my Arduino Nano board without success. I tried to compile the program…

Started by Fabio Calderón

0 Jul 24, 2015

MAVLink on arduino quadcopter

hi, my name is Magfur Ramdhani, please help me about MAVLink on DIY arduino mega 2560 quadcopter ? 

Started by Magfur Ramdhani

0 Jul 23, 2015

I want to implement control input from matlab to my APM2

I am on a project with quadrotors, and i need to implement control input to my quatrotor from my matlab. i know the Mavlink which is a comm…

Started by Chad Lee

0 Jul 19, 2015

x25crc error on RPi connection

On an x86 system, I'm using Python 2.7.3 and installed pymavlink and mavproxy.  I then used the same source files to compile, build, &…

Started by Jesse A

0 Jul 10, 2015

Mavlink receiver program

Hi everybody, I'm a french engineering student, and i'm working on drone project. In fact we had to control the drone (px4 with Xbee) with…

Started by Clément

0 Jul 10, 2015

mavlink dropped packets

It appears, from looking at the code (see below) that the packet_rx_drop_count field of the status is really a report of the number of rece…

Started by Philip W. Howard

0 Jul 9, 2015

MAV_CMD_NAV_WAYPOINT - with mavlink?

Hello, Im current build and arduino based follow me box, I've got my apm and arduin oboards talking nicely over mavlink, i can read and se…

Started by Matthew Thurstans

3 Jul 7, 2015
Reply by Basly Hedi

Using the MAVlink library to read apm heartbeat over xbee on another arduino

Im currently designing an arduino gps tracking system for my APM, The aim is to have an seperate arduino board assertain it's gps location…

Started by Matthew Thurstans

4 Jul 6, 2015
Reply by Basly Hedi


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