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Magnetometer Shielding

I am sure that some of you have experienced the same issue that we have. We are flying a rather heavy hexacopter configuration which pulls…

Started by Adam Kimberlin

20 14 hours ago
Reply by Josh Wickler

Althold referencing the ceiling

Hello, I'm just starting up with a project where the copter has to fly under the ceiling and holding a certain distance ~20cm. One solutio…

Started by Daniel Schmitt

7 16 hours ago
Reply by Jasper Pons

Compiling Optical Flow Sensor example sketch

My libraries are in the right place, and I've tried compiling the sketch with both the Arduino 1.0 relaxed as well as the Arduino 0.22 rela…

Started by Sean Wagner

23 on Monday
Reply by Volodymyr Fedoschuk

MPU6050 accelerometer drift

The accelerometer readings from my MPU6050 drift over time. See the attached graph.  Throughout, the quad sat stationery on the ground, and…

Started by Andy Baker

0 on Friday

What are my input and output for a PID loop that stabilizes flight?

Purely for fun, I'm trying to build an autopilot that uses an Arduino Due and a Adafruit 10-DOF IMU and I am having trouble getting the PID…

Started by Brion

0 Jan 21


Hi guys, Just a question about the LIDAR from Pulsedlight3d - I got mine today, but the best rig for testing it is an APM, not a pixhawk.…

Started by Euan Ramsay

1 Jan 12
Reply by Mauro

random trougth on DCM

what i'm working on is autocalibration (with a bit of user interaction, but is no-brain): Gyroscope in my case have and hardcoded "bias", i…

Started by Mauro

0 Jan 12

Chibios based autopilot and unrealistic plan for the future

Some time ago i started to work on a ChibiOS based autopilot. I choosed Chibios as it is a full OS with thread and lock suppor, but it also…

Started by Mauro

0 Jan 12

What is the best way to measure altitude, except gps

Hello all, i would like to know from your experience what is the best suited sensor for measuring altitude from the barometric pressure cha…

Started by Bogdan

1 Jan 5
Reply by Laser Developer

MPU6050 deadzone around 0g?

If I pick my sensor board off the floor, the MPU6050 Z-axis accelerometer detects this. Once off the floor and no longer rising, if I move…

Started by Andy Baker

5 Dec 19, 2014
Reply by Andy Baker


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