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MPU6050 deadzone around 0g?

If I pick my sensor board off the floor, the MPU6050 Z-axis accelerometer detects this. Once off the floor and no longer rising, if I move…

Started by Andy Baker

5 on Friday
Reply by Andy Baker

Interfacing 9DOF Razor IMU with Arduino Uno

Hello everyone, First of all, this site has been very helpful and quite informative!  It's answered a lot of my questions in the past.  I u…

Started by leo.music568

1 on Thursday
Reply by Mile

Optical Flow Sensor and APM 2.5

I m trying to connect my optical flow sensor to my APM 2.5 but having a very hard time.   I have successfully uploaded the pde test file an…

Started by Christiaan van Vollenstee

31 on Thursday
Reply by George Georgiev

Yaw discontinuity at 180 degrees for PID

Hello, I have the same problem as:

Started by Gregoire Gentil

3 on Wednesday
Reply by Jonathan Droemer

Yaw drift with MadgwickAHRS

Hello all, i am trying to build a quadcopter using stm32F407 32bit microcontroler. My issue is kinda strange since the roll and pitch axis…

Started by Bogdan

3 on Wednesday
Reply by xiaohu

Using the MPU6050 for Quadcopter Orientation Control

Hello everybody, I've been working on an Arduino based quadcopter for the last few months. A key component to make the quadcopter balance i…

Started by Ankur Mohan

4 on Tuesday
Reply by Phillip Schmidt

Stereo Vision sensor module for UAV---What do you want??

Hi, all: Our team is working on some kind of stereo vision system for drones and we have already made some progress. However, we would lik…

Started by xiaohu

0 Dec 15

Madgwick IMU/AHRS and Fast Inverse Square Root

Hi Everyone, I'm currently using Madgwick's popular filter for my own AHRS project. After some experimentation with sensors and adjusting t…

Started by Tobias Simon

53 Nov 24
Reply by Long Le

Trouble with the APM 2.5 and optical flow

Hi, I have my optical flow sensor wired up to an APM board, and I'm struggling to see why it isn't working. The APM says on the test sketch…

Started by Will Hain

0 Nov 23

Inspire 1 Optical Flow + Sonar

Can someone tell me more about the sonar module used for the Inspire 1, it looks very similar to the HC-SR04 sensor, and from what I heard,…

Started by benbojangles

1 Nov 13
Reply by benbojangles


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