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Madgwick IMU/AHRS and Fast Inverse Square Root

Hi Everyone, I'm currently using Madgwick's popular filter for my own AHRS project. After some experimentation with sensors and adjusting t…

Started by Tobias Simon

53 on Monday
Reply by Long Le

Trouble with the APM 2.5 and optical flow

Hi, I have my optical flow sensor wired up to an APM board, and I'm struggling to see why it isn't working. The APM says on the test sketch…

Started by Will Hain

0 on Sunday

Optical Flow Sensor and APM 2.5

I m trying to connect my optical flow sensor to my APM 2.5 but having a very hard time.   I have successfully uploaded the pde test file an…

Started by Christiaan van Vollenstee

30 on Sunday
Reply by Will Hain

Inspire 1 Optical Flow + Sonar

Can someone tell me more about the sonar module used for the Inspire 1, it looks very similar to the HC-SR04 sensor, and from what I heard,…

Started by benbojangles

1 Nov 13
Reply by benbojangles

Experimenting with Accel Gyro, Rotational matrix question again but without flying.

Ladies and Gents, I apologies in advance if my topic come across newbie or ignorance which I promise to compensate for and share a fresh i…

Started by yaqz

1 Nov 13
Reply by yaqz

Loose fitting silicone tubes on pioto tube - Are they a problem?

I have noticed that the silicone tubes supplies with the airspeed sensor kit for the PixHawk fit very loose on the ends of the small tubes…

Started by Bret C

0 Nov 6

Rate PID vs Stabalize PID

I see the guide on how to tune PID for adrucopter that the rate PID gains is very small compared to Stablize PID, but i dont know why? I do…

Started by happy smile

0 Nov 5

Quadcopter hovering in a circle

I use MPU9150 which has magnetometer inclusive, but the quadcopter cannot hold its position after lifting off, is that the problem of lacki…

Started by happy smile

0 Nov 2

How to control PID for Yaw

My yaw angle varies from -180 degree to 180 degree.                                              -170 170                                …

Started by happy smile

0 Oct 27

AHRS Algorithm Question!

As far as i understand, AHRS DCM uses orientation reference vectors to detect orientation error. And we can use magnetometer to correct yaw…

Started by happy smile

5 Oct 24
Reply by happy smile


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