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Control Servos with Pixhawk

Hi everybody, I am new to pixhawk and arducopter and I have been looking for something: I would like to control servos from my RC remote…

Started by vipe

3 2 hours ago
Reply by Brad Hedges

Mavlink stuck

Hi All, I have problem after updated Mission Planner to new version according to massage box that shown when I run the Mission Planner. I g…

Started by mrBert

4 6 hours ago
Reply by Hafidz

3DR blue motor collets

So 3DR sells a replacement for their old style motors with the long shafts. It's a replacement shaft and a bolt on collet: https://store.3

Started by Jonathan Brodie

0 10 hours ago

How do i get the px4flow working with pixhawk?

I've been following the instructions here:  http://pixhawk.org/modules/px4flow .  how did you upload the firmware to the px4flow sensor?  A…

Started by Luke Salazar

2 11 hours ago
Reply by Luke Salazar

Sense-and-Avoid technology

If a Global Hawk can Not fit sense-and-avoid technology internally, how can any UAV be allowed in the NAS(National Airspace System) auton…

Started by D . S

0 15 hours ago

RTL/Loiter/Home Arrow not working

I have the APM 2.6 on my hex. I configured the OSD to show the return to home arrow but I can never get it to show up and my Loiter mode do…

Started by Jake Barritt

0 16 hours ago

After uploading the firmware to the pixhawk, why do i get the 2 following errors in mission planner:

1) Missing BATT_CAPACITY param, something is wrong 2) BAD PARAM, RC_DSM_BIND = NaN Fix this NOW!! I go into the config/tuning > Full Pa…

Started by Luke Salazar

0 16 hours ago

Drones with loudspeakers

Recently I read somewhere you can get drones with loudspeakers on them but couldnt find any links to such a product/project - does anyone h…

Started by Gus Leudar

2 yesterday
Reply by Gus Leudar

Anybody use a pixhawk on an f450

I would like to stick a pixhawk in a dji f450 does anybody know if it will work with the DJI esc's ?

Started by kevin mckay

0 yesterday

APM with 14S batteries

Hello there good people. I am looking for ideas on how to start using power monitoring on my apm with a 14S system. I have seen the autopil…

Started by Badman Teddy Edward

1 on Wednesday
Reply by Badman Teddy Edward


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