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XBee kit ETA?

Does anybody have any idea when the XBee kits will be available again in the DIYDrones store?  I was going to order one.

Started by Rob_Lefebvre

2 Nov 2, 2011
Reply by Rob_Lefebvre

XBee Pros Unable to Talk w/ each other

Hi all,   I have two XBee Pro 9's (XB09-DP in X-CTU) and have been unable to get X-CTU to read either one as the correct XB09-DP. What tipp…

Started by Todd Germeroth

6 Oct 22, 2011
Reply by Orland

Modified FRS radio for 100km+ ?

I'm working on a return-to-launch high altitude glider (balloon launched). My radio system needs to be able to communicate at 100km or more…

Started by Nathan

2 Oct 20, 2011
Reply by Michael Pursifull

Xbee Range problem ***SOLVED***

I got a set of xbees  the 900mhz ones with SMA connectors and duck antennas both sides. After some testing, we had some serious range issue…

Started by Wessie

7 Oct 15, 2011
Reply by Gustav Kuhn


xbee causing odd servo jitter in apm?

Here's an odd thing that happens in my office.  I haven't noticed it happening in the field. when powered up, the servos constantly jitter…

Started by Mark Harrison

1 Oct 13, 2011
Reply by Michael Pursifull

APC220 for telemetry in place of xbee

Hello   diid somebody tried to use an APC220 in place of the xbee shield and module to calibrate the quadCopter ? Would it function or not…

Started by Nicolas ELSIG

14 Oct 10, 2011
Reply by Ellison Chan

Carbon Fiber enclosure and RF shielding issues

I've need to enclose my electronics including my 2.4ghz AR6200 DSM2 6-Channel Ultralite Receiver for my project I need a 4"x4"x4" cube. I f…

Started by JD

12 Oct 6, 2011
Reply by mary Meso

Low cost transceiver

What do tou think about this low cost transceiver? http://www.ebay.com/itm/2-8Km-27dBm-Wireless-Transceiver-RF-Module-RS232-TTL-x2-/1606193

Started by Juan Carlos Hdez

10 Oct 4, 2011
Reply by Helldesk

Maximum range of xbee

I previously thought the maximum range f my xbee setup was around 8km. However I have just completed a flight of 10km (20km round trip) wit…

Started by Toby Mills

2 Sep 27, 2011
Reply by Toby Mills

XBee RSSI light

Hi All, I am having an annoying problem with XBee. After upgrading to Arduplane 2.24, I am having trouble getting the Xbees to connect. W…

Started by James masterman

2 Sep 21, 2011
Reply by James masterman


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