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A simple proposal .

 Hi to all      ( Gia, in Greek)     I do not know if the Topic is correct but,   too many users in Europe are trying to use the modem xbe…

Started by Nikos Gerarchakis

10 Nov 29, 2011
Reply by Nikos Gerarchakis

enclosure (case) for xbee pro pc board

Has anyone put the xbee board that attaches to the pc in a case? I have a few but they are bigger thsn I would like.

Started by Wally Hallas

4 Nov 22, 2011
Reply by Rob_Lefebvre

Unlimited range telemetry

I'm working on a big Hugin based 2m platform which will have an endurance of up to 2 hours.It got me thinking that it would be nice to have…

Started by Toby Mills

0 Nov 21, 2011

Xbee antenna connector

Hy   I have been using xbee that has a normal wire antenna. But i thing it would give better range if i put some omni high gain antenna on…

Started by Joscht Laznyk

1 Nov 19, 2011
Reply by Michael Pursifull

Can RC gear and XBee use 2.4Ghz both?

I've read the APM manual"If you have 2.4Ghz RC gear, you should use 900Mhz Xbee modules."Is that mean one's frequency will interfere anothe…

Started by Sian-Jie Ciou

6 Nov 19, 2011
Reply by Martint BuildYourOwnDrone.co.uk

Xbee Max Range? Long Range Replacement for ArduPilot Mega?

How far can the xbee go for line of sight to still maintain a stable link with the APM? Is there a better solution for APM to groundstation…

Started by Steve

0 Nov 16, 2011

98" ProJet MQ-9 Reaper -- antennas for fully autonomous long-range missions?

Hey everybody, amazing replies and advice i've received so far, you guys are the best!..     So I'm in the process of planning out my setup…

Started by Andy Creighton

1 Nov 16, 2011
Reply by Robert Palmore

Xbee 2.4Ghz Serial COM Data Corrupted

Hi people,   Can you help me on this one?   I have to xbee pro 2.4 communicating with each other, one on PC and other on Arduino Mega 2560.…

Started by FP

1 Nov 15, 2011
Reply by FP


hello all,What is the limit wireless hardware can be pushed to? I read on the forum about a 40 mile solution but now I can't find the post…

Started by Danny Lombard

1 Nov 12, 2011
Reply by Michael Pursifull


Another bricked Xbee....

Some of the major players suffered an xbee bricking event:   http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15698439   At least we're not al…

Started by Michael Pursifull

1 Nov 11, 2011
Reply by Ellison Chan


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