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So Close!!! Quad motors not spinning, Afro ESC and APM 2.5: Please Help!

Hello everyone, I'm new here! I'm building my first quadcopter, and I'm almost done. However, when I arm the quad and push up the throttle,…

Started by Andrew Austin

12 yesterday
Reply by Daniel Allen

APM 2.5 Late frame PPM encoder error

Hi, this is my first post on DIY Drones and am in dire need and some help. I build my first quad over the past couple months (see specs bel…

Started by John Trout

0 on Wednesday

Optical Flow Sensor and APM 2.5

I m trying to connect my optical flow sensor to my APM 2.5 but having a very hard time.   I have successfully uploaded the pde test file an…

Started by Christiaan van Vollenstee

24 on Monday
Reply by sufal thakuri

Is there no Usercode.pde and Usercode.h for the Arduplane code?

I was wondering why these files exist for Arducopter but not Arduplane, because I am putting custom code into the Arduplane software.  Can…

Started by Zack Thevenot

3 on Monday
Reply by Randy

PPM test with APM 2.5

I have been trying to set up a PPM test on my APM 2.5 for a while now, but haven't had any luck with the output PWM signals.  I programmed…

Started by Zack Thevenot

0 on Sunday

APM 2.5 Channel 1 servo twitching in LOITER

I recently set up my bixler 1.1 and found some unusual behavior on channel 1 in LOITER Mode. Here are my details. APM 2.5 with plane:2.78 P…

Started by Trevor Strand

1 Apr 5
Reply by Søren Kuula

Taranis 6 Position Switch for 6 Flight Modes w/APM 2.5 & Mission Planner

This for people who are interested in Taranis 6 Position Switch setup for 6 Flight Modes w/APM 2.5 & Mission Planner.   Flight Mode PWM…

Started by Chris Spatgen

37 Apr 3
Reply by Scott Pritchett

xBee + APM 2.5Serial Transmission woes

Hi everyone, I am part of a UAV team here at the University of British Columbia and we are having some strange issues with the xBee pro mod…

Started by James

5 Mar 31
Reply by Remus Avram

cannot get past mag field warning to arm apm 2.5

Help me as I am about to destroy something. forgive me if this is not using technically correct terms but my memory is rubbish. i recently…

Started by gareth wright

1 Mar 29
Reply by Graham

Adding an SPI device to APM 2.5?

I was wondering how I could modify the source code for Arduplane so that I can use another SPI channel on the Atmega2560 without interferi…

Started by Zack Thevenot

0 Mar 29


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