Hi Guys,

I do not know how many have had issues with 3DR/ udrones customer service. I am quite disappointed with their customer service response:

1. I do not see any customer service number to call/ enquire. I am surprised!!

2. Not completely informative and I have to wait days before getting information on an order/ any issues with an order before even placing it.

3. The udrones website is not completely informative, with broken links, lack of information on money payment methods on checkout (udrones).

Also, I wanted to avail coupon code as I am ordering for an institution project, but they do not provide coupon code for udrones (which is again, part of 3DR linkage, if I understand correctly). They earlier said they would, but later said the information was incorrect from their side. I am ordering Quad-D frame assembled arducopter which is not available directly on 3DR. The International FedEx shipping charges at udrones is 136$, more than twice at 3DR and this can't be combined with products bought at 3DR simultaneously!

I completely respect APM and have my contributions via forums too where ever I can, but having ordered a product, must go hand in hand with an informative website and an available customer service when you need them.

Hope this really improves!


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I just noticed that there is a huge disparity for International shipping rates between 3DR and udrones.com. In 3DR, there is FedEx economy shipping that costs 36$, the shipping rate at udrones is 136$.

I do not understand why this is so, if that is a mistake or is it due to some shipping reasons?


Because at udrones.com we focus on RTF products, the boxes are bigger (21"-26"x21"-26"x7"), and they pay a little more. Also because it's an RTF product, sometimes with Spectrum RC, it's an investment that needs to go in the safest way possible, that is International Priority Service. Fedex Mexico account can't connect to Volusion's shipping system, so we need to tweak the shipping manually depending on zones, products and options. 

I agree, their customer service and website are mediocre at best.

We're working on our next 3DR company site and e-commerce site for your convenience. It's almost ready :-)

You should start working on some consistency with your company's customer service.  I've had three separate and major issues which have only given me limited functionality for almost a month now.  The customer service reps seem to be different every time, broken english, promises that this quick fix will make things better, and sporadic responses...sometimes I get a response in a few hours...most of the time it takes a few days....

This is RIDICULOUS CONSIDERING I SPENT $2000 WITH THIS COMPANY....sorry, I'm a bit frustrated.   

Then, I sent an email asking my issues to be forwarded to a manager and silence.........for three four days and counting. 

Also, still waiting on that fedex return slip so I can send my broken APM back...once again three, four, oh whats the difference....where is my return fedex form? 

Order 2460, if you care. 

Sorry to hear that. I've asked that this be escalated. Please let me know if they don't sort it out to your satisfaction on Monday. 

Thanks, I will. 



We are located at: 
3D Robotics
7170 Convoy Ct. 
San Diego, CA 92111, 
United States 
Tel. 1 (858) 324-1741 
Fax. 1 (858) 605-4541


But the best way to get help I find is via email, I have never had to wait more then one business day.


For more questions! 
Contact us by mail!
* Please mention Udrones on the subject for a faster response from our team ;)
for sales and customer support service:
for tech-support or any technical question:

Note: Our email address have changed, we are no longer using udrones@gmail.com. 

Thank you for your support. 

Or give us a phone call!

 Tel: +1 (858) 324 1741 Ext. 1050

  on udrones homepage

I can't speak on the international shipping rates.

I  sent them 2 e-mail in the passed two weeks with no reply from UDRONES, I was charged $65 dollars for international shipping from Baja California to Miami (I don't Get IT).

Hi Luis, Thanks! we need to check that contact tool I guess :S  The difference is because the size of the box and the Fedex International Priority service. Soon we will have more options for US sales. Please bare with us in the meantime, Thank you again.

Hi Guillermo 

I finally got a reply from Yerenia  help@3drobotics.com, one thing I don't understand is why does it takes 2 weeks?  

I have no  problem waiting, as long as your company will keep me inform of the progress of my order. 

I also sent an email last night because I want to add a replacement kit to my order,  there is no way to order the kit separately.  I hope I can get an answer by today.

I  had the same message when I was checking my order "You do not have access to this page. Please contact customer service for further details on accessing this password protected section."

Thank you !

Hi, I was really worried about the two weeks delay and checked everywhere on the email for your inquiry with no luck, sorry for the inconvenience. There are some Volusion bugs that in many times we can't predict. Thank you for your patience.


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