3DR Aero M won't throttle up when switched in auto mode and thrown.

Hi all

I have a 3D robotics aero M. I have been flying the aircraft successfully however Ive run into quite the hurdle. The aero M when moved forward and thrown should throttle up and climb to its first waypoint. Mine does not do this and does not throttle up at all. When switched into Manual and FBW the throttle works fine with stick control however when switched into auto for takeoff the planes throttle doesn't work. I have tried loading new params, flashing firmware, recalibrating and everything to no avail. Any Help would be much appreciated. 

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Nice job spamming forum with three posts about the same issue. Delete the other two, then post log, and we can begin :)

Cross posting makes people waste time, maybe some are looking at one post, others another.

Hi there, I wasnt sure what forum to post my problem under hence I did in a number of forums. MY log files cannot upload because theyre too big, how can I make them smaller?

you may share it using google drive, dropbox, or anything else.

just pick the smallest log that have such a throw, where motor did not start.

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