Hey guys, is anyone taping the show tonight? I would love to watch it but am not going to be near a TV, nor can I set up anything to record it with. If there is anyone who is going to record the show I would love to get a copy!

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I missed it as well, and my wife (God bless her) tried to tape it on a good old fashioned VCR. Nothing but static I'm afraid. I would be interested in seeing a copy as well, if anyone managed to get it...
Here's the whole thing on the official PBS site.
Hello, This show replays all month long, so you folks can catch it next go round. See here for a list of showings. It is the one that mentions "Underground Neutrino Labs". This shows the listings for my local PBS Channel, however, you can input your Zipcode for the showtimes in your area...>>> http://www.pbs.org/tvschedules/tvschedulessearch_results.html?stati...
Here is a link to a short snippet of the show with some related video.


I have set my TiVo up to record it on Sunday, I will download it to my computer and make it available.

perfect - thanks so much jack
It was good but I really want to check it out in HD!
The 1920x1080 version would take 500meg. No current web site would host it. Comca$t bittorrent restrictions don't help either. Maybe Web 3.0 will B the breakthrough for 1080i.
Hello, If your ISP will let you DL a torrent, you will find the file here...>>> http://tvrss.net/search/?distribution_group=combined&show_name=...
Episodes 1,2, and 3 are available there. 3 Was added just 4 days ago, so that may be the episode you folks are looking for. Most of these use the free DivX decoder/player. BTW Utorrent is a good bittorrent client. PBS is reshowing the program all this month if the torrent does not work for you. Good Luck. -ccpmheli
We have a 1280x720 copy on http://vimeo.com/358337. U need an account to download it.


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