Google does not longer support the old methog this forum is using.

(I am able to write this only because this browser is still logged in.)

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Sorry, forgot to say that - yes. You had to do that.

I wonder what the current one was. Blank? :S

Hi Crispin,

I have for time being disabled the google log after checking the issue. google log in does not work for me too like you two have mentioned ( thanks for bringing it to our attention).  But incase any users(15k+ ) google method who have no issues logging in complain then we may have to enable it again.



Cool, I think the 15k you're talking about are like me - they've logged in at some point and never logged in since.

I use Chrome which spreads my sessions across all my computers and tablets and I can't actually remember when last I logged in. The session has just stayed alive for months on end.

I might be better to put a notice for the gmail login if someone tries it to let them know it's disabled and to do a password reset to recover their account.

Anyway, thanks for the help.


Well can you please update to the current version of google login?  They have been warning you for the last 6 months.  I created my account via google because I don't want to manage passwords seperately.

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