OK, most people here want the slick binary interface from the GPS to the APM. The "suggested" APM GPS. This is not for you. Please kindly move on to the next posting.

Still here?

A few people seem to have non-APM applications, want to use GPS in NMEA mode, want to save settings, etc. They seem to obtain DIY Drones MTK-3329 units, either because the store here is handy or the MTK is a low cost option, but then have "issues" with them and/or don't understand the whole DIYD binary firmware thing.

There is another handy source for us hackers to get MTK GPSes. And many other nice things. Somewhat lesser known but shouldn't be. Ahhm. AdaFruit.com; Left column, scroll down about 80% look for the "sensors" page. They offer an MTK-3339 (yes, 3339 not 3329) on a breakout board, with a slot for a backup battery, 9600 baud default NMEA output, 10Hz capable (probably not at 9600!), only 20mA (vs 37mA for the 3329) during tracking, and no 60K foot altitude limit. Or so the page says. $39 So, about $2 more than the DIY Drones unit.

They only recently came (back [1]) in stock so I haven't gotten my paws on one yet thus I can't comment on accuracy of advertised default settings, whether the flash is writeable, whether the backup battery holds up the RTC only or settings also, etc. (and they warn they haven't personally confirmed the 60K foot non-limit). Oh, and it has some sort of data logging built in, too.

I'll get back with y'all in a while after Mr. Postman brings me my new toys.

[1] seems the 3339 version is the new upgrade to the 3329 they used to sell. 

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