APM 1 with blue oilpan shield setup and Mediatek GPS with adapter for sale

I just recently upgraded and have received my new APM 2 purple all in one board so now I am going to sell my old APM and IMU shield and GPS module. Here are the specs of the sale. And if possible I would like to sell them all as a package, but if need be, I am willing to also sell each part individually. I have uploaded pictures of each part and the whole package. (see below)

I have used this on my arducopter for about a year now and have had no problems with no major wrecks. All components are still well attached and there is no damage to either of the boards or the GPS.

For sale: 

Ardupilot Mega 1280 fully soldered and ready to go

IMU sensor shield (Oil Pan) with magnetometer already soldered on for you

Mediatek GPS with basic adapter and 15cm GPS cable

Package Price: $180 including shipping

I'm open to offers for the package as well as individual parts. Let me know in a post on this discussion or in a PM. 

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UPDATE: I have sold the IMU and the mediatek GPS. So there is still a fully soldered APM 1280 for sale. I will sell it for $45 including shipping. I'm still open for offers as well. Thank you

Hi Taylor,


Still got the APM 1280?



I PM'd you with a friends request Wrongway. Yes I still have the APM 1280. I have an ebay listing for it. Or would you rather just go through payment to my paypal? (get rid of fees). It's completely up to you. What are you willing to pay for it. Add $5.00 flat for shipping.

Do you still have this for sale?

I still have the APM 1280 for sale yes. $45 + shipping if your interested.



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