Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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I just did the mod to my APM 2.0. I disabled (via the pin 2-3 short) the onboard MTK and added a Crius V2 GPS unit. It's the NEO-6 with an external EEPROM and a beefy 25x25 mm antenna.

I fiddled a bit with the settings in u-center, because I was mistakenly thinking it should work as 57600 / NMEA, but then I found the 3DR-Ublox.txt file in the wiki, uploaded it to the module, connected to the APM and voila! 7 sats and 1.3 hdop on my working bench under a metal roof.

Excellent, price for the Crius V2 and performance comparison to the NEO-6M ublox gps?

How do you connect the module to the board, does one need something like this or are you connecting through a serial port?

Hi Para ..how do you connect the CN06 to the labtop ..I have a usb module with DTR, RTS, CTS, GND, 5v, Rx, Tx, 3.3v ..  My CN06 version 2.0 only has the small 4 pin plug that connects to the APM..  How do I get it to talk to the Ublox software and which pins do I connect and where?  Thanks Reuben

The crius V2 is exactly what I'm looking at :-)  I know where to find that config file.

Thx Para !

I have put datasheets of both modules next to each other.  Main difference is that the LEA is firmware flashable (updates possible) while this is not possible with the NEO-6.  The LEA can be made Gallileo compatible with a firmware update.

Performance wise, I could not find any difference really.

As for price...  you can have 3 Crius V2 Neo's for 1 3DR LEA...

Does this mean i can use my NEO6M-0-001 forom Rabbitt FC(also can i use rabbit as camera gimbal control?is it better than APM2.0 camera control) too?its probably older than yours bcs i bought it almost 6months ago

who knows would be posssible to use Ublox lea 7 when becomes avlible


it says there:"This 5th generation module in the LEA form factor allows simple migration from LEA-6 GPS and LEA-6N GPS/GLONASS modules"

i am waiting for that one thats why i dont upgrade to 3dr one....

Hi, I am a beginner. I built a quadcopter and bought the APM2.5 board with the 3DR-Ublox. Can any one direct me to where to start to learn how to use this

The arducopter wiki is a good place to start.  Read it multiple times.

Presume this or this is correct Crius?

Yeah, that's the one.  But it's slightly cheaper at RCTIMER.

Paired with this, you have a APM with ublox gps for $117.  I've ordered mine yesterday to replace my apm1280.  Finally I'll be able to do some develloping and debugging again \o/

I have this exact one and I have not been able to find anything wrong with it... yet.


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