Has anyone successfully used the APM2.5 (or other APM) with the cheaper NEO-6M ublox gps ?

Did you need any modifications to the source code ?

Thx !

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@Chris Wilson

Trying to apply similar concept to the NEO-M8N.

Thank you for this but in u-center there is no GPS Configuration. (See attached picture).

From the View -> Configuration view [Ctrl] [F9] it is possible to modify parameters and then send them to the GPS.

Perhaps if you would be so kind to indicate the items you set up that would be great.

Thank you in advance.



Maybe a bit off-topic but might help.

My Blogpost regarding a 3D printable Mount for the Crius PCB.


I have the Ublox 6M-Neo GPS which I got form RCTimer and have used previous for my CRIUS AIOP v2 board, and I was wanting to use it on a APM 2.5 board. I'm having problems flashing my board with the ublox.txt file provided in this thread with the u-center software.

I made a usb-FTDI cable with a FTDI adapter, wired it as I was supposed to, but can't tell if I am really connected to the GPS. The com port created when I attach my cable to the computer running windows 7 is recognized by the u-center software... Though, I'm a little dyslexic and for some reason have problems with the whole TX-RX reversal thing, but I sketched out the wire layout so I'm pretty sure I got it right.

When my cable is connected through the header pins to the GPS it powers, the red RX led on the FTDI adapter flashes about once every one to two seconds. There is no GPS fix indoors or out indicated by the u-center software.

When sending commands or a file to the GPS, the green TX led flashes ever so briefly. In the configuration upload window in the u-center software (v 7.02,) I get timeout errors saying the receiver isn't acknowledging as the file uploads a line at a time.

Some threads say this the error is normal, but when I connect the GPS to APM 2.5 board it is not recognized. I'm not confident anything has happened.

Oh yeah, the com connection indicator at the bottom of the board does flash green when the GPS is connected and I have tried various baud rates, making sure the com port in Windows device manager is configured at the same speed.  I have tried the configuration file upload process with the TX-RX line reversed, just in case my dyslexia has gotten the better of me. Still no joy... Is there any other way to confirm connection of the GPS to the u-center software or other software?

I'm building my first quad and would just buy a compatible GPS to the APM 2.5 but burned up $65 worth of ESCs, somehow, and I need to replace them first, but I'm getting really frustrated.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


I live in Germany. You could send me your GPS and I flash it for you.

If you're running a six wire FTDI Cable the colors are not one for one

This is the correct pin Association
On the FTDI cable the black wire goes to the RC timer greenware the red wire goes to the Rc timer black wire the org wire goes to the yellow RC timer wire and finally the yellow wire goes to the red rc timer wire

On the left side is the FTDI cable and on the right the connector to the gps module.

Or just use the one used with APM2.5.

the coloring is different is all rong 

look at the white end where the GPS connector the colors are different from the apm. coloring

Your cable to the GPS has GND and VCC next to one another, but mine (see below) has ground and VCC at 4 and 1

Also use autobauding in u center

thanks for all the assistance.... here's my cable set up....

Here's what I get in u-center

The upload looks like this...


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