Could somebody please help with some advice please.Just purchased a APM 2.8 package with a ublox neo-6 m GPS,power module,OSD and 3DR.Not quite sure where to connect the compass to on the flight controller plus is the GPS a plug and play or does it require programming?

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Congratulations on acquisition of 3D Robotics, (you write you bought the company with some small items) :)
GPS is configured by autopilot as long it have its default configuration.
Compass (magnetometer)is a I2C device, plug it in I2C connector.
Thanks for the reply Andre K.The only problem I have is the case has a socket next to the power module socket marked as the i2c.However if you remove the circuit board from the case and check underneath the board the socket next to the GPS socket is marked as i2c.So which one do you use?Also do you remove any jumpers to disable the internal compass and enable the external one?
From what I can find out the silk screening on the case for the later boards is incorrect as the i2c socket is the one next to GPS socket.The jumper to activate the external compass is removed.
Plugged in the GPS and external compass to the APM board and powered it up.Connected to mission planner everything appears to be working and even received a 3D fix in our family room.

The GPS/Compass module will have 2 wires. You will want to plug them into the port labeled "GPS" and the one on the side under it. NOT the I2C port like on older apm models. Then you will want to remove a small jumper wire that will be on the connectors next to those ports. This will tell the apm to read input from the compass on the GPS.

There is no programming required other than calibration in mission planner.

Thanks Louis.I found that out when the board was removed from the case and looked at the back of it.The socket next to the GPS is marked i2c.The only other thing that needed to be done was go into the compass settings in mission planner and select external compass.Otherwise if you don't the compass will still work but rotates in the opposite direction.

Glad I could help!

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