APM Copter 2.9.1.b has been released to the Mission Planner and is also posted in the downloads area.
2.9.1b is a maintenance release incorporating changes to 4 default parameters that have been optimized since 2.9.1 was released.  There are also 4 minor bug fixes.  There are no code function changes or additional features.
The changes are:
1) reduce default INS_MPU6K_FILTER to 20hz
2) reduce InertialNav Z-axis time constant to 5 (was 7)
3) increased max InertialNav accel correction to 3 m/s (was 1m/s)
4) reduce yaw_rate P default to 0.20 (was 0.25)
5) bug fix for alt_hold being passed as int16_t to get_throttle_althold_with_slew which might have caused problems if you climbed over 320m.
6) bug fix for throttle after acro flip (was being kept at min throttle if pilot switched out of ACRO mode while inverted)
7) bug fix to acro trainer to do with roll correction 
8) prevent cli from being entered more than 20seconds after reboot.
Users are recommended to:
    Update Mission Planner to 1.2.41 and
    Update their flight code to 2.9.1b from the Firmware tab on Mission Planner. There is no need to go through a new configuration process in the Mission Planner.


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Stronger and lighter... win-win. The RCTimer gimbals are economical for us in the USA, but they are odd balls. Both lack balancing adjustments, and if I am not mistaken the roll axis on the big one is belt driven... lame.

big one does not lack any adjustment,small one do but its irelevant bcs is for only one type of camera and it IS balanced for her i guess....on bigger gimbal,roll is problematic if you want extra bearings not the motor ones,mine also have gear 1:1,belt would be better(i plan to do it)...rctimer is still in process of redesign servo gimbal and they still have no picture with roll solution but for me very good looking...rctimer was always ok for me..motors,esc,frames acessories..free shiping..only minus is copying APM controler and radio..but there is another thread around here about gimbals,sorry will stop here now...


also you can always order all new Movi Mr from FreeFly Systems

they for sure know how to make showreel and other marketing tricks


Total retail cost of MÔVI MR is $14,995. Secure yours now with a down payment of $2,500.


but this is rediculous bcs it is the same tehnology as BLGC from ALEXMOS

who gave us this almost for free if you DIY

...and than you can combine movi mr with this


and this


and for some 100 000 $ you are ready to go into buissnis


Wow Emin... I thought Zenmuse was way overpriced! ;)

Sorry... ning ran out of room for replies below.


I'm trying to get to the bottom of what appears to be two motors getting worked harder than the other two. Motors 1 & 2 (CCW?) appear to be consistently getting worked harder than 3 & 4. Is this abnormal? Seems like this might be because it is working hard to compensate for a tendency to yaw CCW?

I have recalibrated the accelerometer.

The centre of gravity is within 5 mm of the centre

All the motors are vertically aligned, props tracking well.

I've hooked it up via USB and plotted the motor outputs - when the throttle is first applied, and motor outputs are equal, as you might expect.

I've attached a log from a short test flight, hovering in the garage.


Okay, crisis averted. I tweaked the motor angle _ever_so_slightly_ to pull in the CW direction. An almost imperceptible adjustment!


Much better!

So does anyone have any fool-proof techniques for motor alignment?

just updated to 2.9.1b. was excited to give it a test considering i have a plastic frame and vibes are probably. first test the alt_hold was now horrible. really bad oscillations, and height fluctuated dramatically. I already have thr accel at 1.1 (2.2 for i) and it was pretty good with 2.9.1

there was a slight breeze but it would've been fine previously. just wondering what the best way to correct this would be?

So do you think we can conclude the loiter flyaways and bad RTL direction are due to compass auto calibration going crazy ?

Don't think so.

These may actually be a symptom of something deeper. However it definitely makes it much more likely....

There seem to be quite a few routines going 'wrong' at some point. GPS readings (particularly with some GPS's), the compass cal, the handling of the accelerometer in loiter, altitude hold during yaw, etc. etc..

I've been playing with the code with auto-cal turned off, running without accelerometer for loiter, and while the loiter is nowhere near as good, this hasn't (so far) glitched, even using a Mediatek GPS. Wanders quite a few feet, and is slow catching gusts, but doesn't change height when it corrects position.

Best Wishes

for me its quite evident in the FPV recording that the compass is making the quad fly in crazy directions. and it makes perfect sense as a compass reading wrong heading by 180 degress would create a positive feedback loop, sending the quad accelerating in the wrong direction like a bat out of hell.

i think that so far its very good news that all the people with manual compass calibration have had no fly aways.

Where did you get the data that manually set compasses do not have flyaways?


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