My friend and I have been working on setting up the latest APM in an elevon configuration, and we have tried everything we see in troubleshooting guide. Basically, we can get the rc control and the sticks in "stabilize mode" to work correctly, but the elevon compensation, when we wiggle the plane, is wrong. We can get the elevon compensation correct, but then the sticks are wrong when we're in stabilize mode.

Elevon delta wing
APM in per instructions (forward pointing)
Spektrum DX8 transmitter
Spektrum AR7000 receiver, elevon wires inserted per Spektrum manual
Castle ICE 75 with onboard BEC supplying the APM power
Rx into APM per instructions/schematic
APM out to servos/throttle per instructions
XBEE to/from laptop seems to be working
Via Mavlink-DIP disabled and every combination of RCX-REV tried w/ write peram. after each change
ALSO tried -DIP enabled and 8 different combinations of DIP tried w/ button reset after each change
Switching reversing each pair of input/output leads hasn't worked yet

I think we've tried all 8 combinations of RCX-REV. I know we've tried all DIP combinations. Switching the dips didn't seem to be working last night as they didn't seem to change anything but the trim and throws. With the DIP enabled, all stick controls correct, and the port-side elevon is always correct for both pitch and roll stabilization. However, the starboard elevon is always wrong.

We are missing something. What is it?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post. Wasn't sure about posting this in either "hardware" or "software" forums.

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Here is what I came up with for my setup.


Elevons in/out per diagram.

Mavlink settings:

RCX_REV all =1

Elevon_C1_REV= 0

Elevon_C2_REV= 1

Elevon Reverse= 0


Seems to work now.

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