Today I lost my quad

Went out flying and was hover about 10ft high and about 30ft away. I decided to try RTL turned on the switch and the quadcopter quickly started to climb in the sky above the cloud and disappeared.

I lost my new APM2.5+ and Gps.(30days old) I am so hurt losing my new Apm2.5+

I hope someone will fell sorry for me. If not I guess 1 more year of savings for a new one.

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I started working on this just before the JD-IO board became available locally, so I didn't need any more "LED hardware". But it's not really needed if you only want an indication similar to the LEDs on the APM board.

Follow the instructions in the wiki for compiling the main APM code exactly and you'll be fine. It is certainly going to be much easier than using the JD board if all you want is low-current status LED(s).

You can hard-code the HDOP threshold to minimize code if desired. Note that HDOP is an integer, and you need to "divide by 100" first i.e. if you want to light the LED for HDOP better than 1.2, here are some code fragments:

#ifdef HDOP_LED                // define it in APM_Config.h

if ( g_gps->hdop < g.hdop_led_threshold )

// or if ( g_gps->hdop < HDOP_LED_THRESHOLD )  for a hard-coded threshold

    digitalWriteFast(HDOP_LED, COPTER_LED_ON);   // turn on HDOP LED


#define HDOP_LED_THRESHOLD      120   // 1.20 or better HDOP lights the LED

#define HDOP_LED      COPTER_LED_4    // or whatever copter LED you want

You need to set up hdop_led_threshold in the Parameters code if you want to vary it with MP. But if you can usually do MP in the field, you really don't need this status LED... I set it up so this HDOP LED is only updated before Arming, because I assumed once armed you've made the decision to go already. [I try to minimize the amount of any of my code running when flying if possible, because I don't know how tight things are time-wise, but I read it's getting "tight".] After arming it behaves like any other "copter LED".

On all my quads I have 2 laminated business cards. I do not fly auto my failsafe is my bent 2.4ghz antenna and the 2 times I thought I was losing signal I just put it straight and raised it 10" and had full range again. Never failed me and I get 1300m or so that way. I almost lost a quad last week. Why I do not fly over private property, people (except spotters x2) or roadways because %$% happens and as a motorcyclist I do not want to be hit by a lost Edsel dji phantom in the hands of a novice like me hitting rth. Sent my 2.5 for diagnosis and testing of sensors so it is the $30. FF FC w/baro till I sort out the arducopter functions. Simple mode for LOS save would have helped in this case....check your gear lesson day. No way return to home could handle motor fade, structural failure well or wind & loss of gps. People should fly in thier backyard, 100m field until they stop crashing before going out of LOS distance imo.


I will restate what has been said before. Someone operating a UAV who has not mastered manual flight could be a problem. Just my opinion. I fly 3D helis and you can put APM on one. A large scale Heli could cause severe damage. I think most people would agree. If the autopilot on an Airbus 320 failed I would hope the pilot could fly old school. Cheers. JEFF

Paul Hansel little Grettle girl, your an attitude freak and should get some councilling, completely read your hate into my post. Loser, my APM 2.5 lasted 2 friggin weeks and lost all control so ya trusting it not knowing how to fly first is a recipe for a USA wide ban. Enjoy it if your there mr nice guy.

Get a life these are stil rc toys with Arduino not proprietary mil spec drones.


- I bought an APM 2.5 with Ublox and I was here to get help but idiots like you make this place look real bad.

Please explain further the newish limits feature the prevents arming if you don't have 3d fix

Where on the mission planner would I find that
20. Enable GPSlock (LIM_GPSLCK_ON) 1= gpslock is enabled. Default = 0 = Disabled.
21. Require GPSlock (LIM_GPSLCK_ON) 1= Requires gpslock before arming vehicle. Default = 0 = Disabled.
Clearly you have misunderstood something in my words or tone. How is it that you feel "hate on the newbies?"
By power distribution, I was alluding to one of the typical atypical issues that can explain GPS issues (in fact, all sorts of issues.) namely, brownouts in flight. Consider, without knowing anything of your build, and in offering a quick list of issues I have observed that plague other builders which produce some of the symptoms you are describing. A more common one which I may have left out is radio interference (especially as generated by the RX.) but regarding power distribution, the more common issue that affects GPS occasionally, can cause fly aways in general, and is responsible for not a few crazy crashes, the in-flight electrical draw on the power supply such that the power delivered to the APM is not suffient, for a moment, to prevent brownouts or logic/communication problems between components in the system, results in problematic memory handling and reboots. This can happen, consider, when throttle is increased while at the same time servo action is pulling a few amps. Especially in a larger wing, like the X8, power distribution to servos under stress is a matter for careful planning. It is very easy to pull more amps than can be supplied 1) through the APM and 2) by a small linear or switching BEC.

Paul, the only emotion here is what you bring with you. I can assure you that I am neither confused nor angry. I can assure you that I have read the manual. It has long been my experience that simply because there are tips in the manual, that is no assurance that any particular member here has applied those same tips. In sharing about your single BEC, I did not notice you mentioning your second BEC. I'm glad you are reading the manual. That was the essence of my recommendation to Willie, and to many new fliers who switch to Auto, Loiter, or RTL without having read the manual in detail, and without having conducted systematic flight tests first. If there is anything about which I am confused, it is why such a rational, helpful recommendation would be met with your jibs, jabs, and insults such as those that Brian chose to fling. It will have to remain a mystery, however, as I am unsubscribing from this thread.

Thank you for your link and information


is it possible to operate the 433MHz kit from in the USA without a ham radio licence?



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