From the Arducopter Wiki, it is obvious that 3D/Solidworks files exist for the Arducopter. Can these be shared under the same license which covers the code or documentation?


I'd like to start making my own Tilt/Roll GoPro mount and would like to model it up before fab.



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No comment?
Why dont you use Skecthup . or design your own Magellan? i dont think its shared drawings
Well, I could draw the thing myself but that would require taking mine apart to do the proper measurements. After all, I want it to be accurate. Also, why duplicate work which has been done before? Getting the originals is much easier.
iv tried aswell so let me know if you get them

I don't think it's going to happen but one can hope.


I've been hunting for the same thing for a bit but I think I have found a solution that fits me personally a little better...


This is a collab between SketchUp and Eagle... since the Eagle files are readily available this makes for some pretty simple conversions to get 3D files.


Admittedly, I haven't tried this just yet, but it's worth looking at I think....

Quick update here...


I spent a whole 5 minutes following the tutorial on the site I posted to get it into SketchUp.   None of the board components are standard parts for SketchUp so all it generates is a blue PCB with all the drill holes done correctly.   The silk screen can be added rather quickly as well.


Considering the amount of effort... I'm happy with it thus far.   I will continue to hunt down the 3D models of each component and go from there.



We already have Sketchup files for ArduCopter and some of the parts can be found from Sketchup galleries. We can update latest parts and place them in repository so people can play with them.

Oh wow, that would be great! I have been tinkering with this some more and have gotten the SketchUp files into AutoCAD and Inventor so they can go with my models so far, but having something completed would be great.


Thanks so much Jani!

Would be nice if you had .stl files too, those can be imported to blender.
Hey guys don't know if this would help but least it's a start

There is any chance to share the 3d models of the arducopter? Please! I've got this one:

Best regards!


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