I'm starting this discussion since there's a lot of confusion and lack of knowledge about PID settings and control theory, so, you can find here a table with several different frames, multycopter types and firmware versions in order to let you start flying and tuning your copter. Be aware that this are not rigid values. Each person has it's own configuration and flying preferences, but, if you have an identical configuration, you may start using those values and tune them for yourself. If you'd like to share your configuration, specs and settings, as well as flying tests, weather conditions and videos, I'll try to keep it up to date.


 Ok, I have inserted a googledocs file, never worked with this before :) It looks easy, here's the link



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Getting it level as possible makes it fly more efficiently and uses less power. Have a look at the rig I made up for testing xyz axis controls http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ri0n3UVbC9s

Have you looked at what the APM outputs are doing in Mission Planner?  You can do this using the USB connection providing you can also power the rx receiver.  

(On MP click Raw Sensor View and then the Radio tab)

Radio in is what your RC radio transmitter is putting out and Motor OUT is what the APM is feeding to the motors. The green channels move sideways indicating the amount of out put.





I had the same problem except with no wind, and I lost the hex, I live near lots of water and did not have telemetry, but it got so far away I couldn't see it any more and could not find it. I ordered another and will try the settings of http://diydrones.com/forum/attachment/download?id=705844%3AUploaded... and hopefully that will work

I was glad to find this thread, but it seems to be lacking any config files for beginners. I love the idea of a rough slider bar or selectable "pre configuration" for various quad multis.


I noticed no APM2 settings in the google docs file...Bummer...


I would like a stable fpv for instance to start out with.  The stock arducopter doesnt work well on my setup, and it doesn't seem to fall into describable issues, so I have no idea where to begin.  Trial and error isn't so bad if you have plenty of extra props and time:)

As an example--

I am running

550 frame vic 20 frame

1020 motors

18amp esc

9x 5 x3 blade or 10 x 4.5 2 blades depending on whats left:)

2650 battery and 5000 battery


Can anyone with a remotely similar setup post a config file for me to start with?  I get tuning theory, I have read and watched every video I can on PID.  No luck in tuning myself.  I tuned my quadrino on the frame, I know its a good frame...

Hi all,

This thread has been super helpful for a beginner such as myself; Thanks for starting it.

I've been trying to tune my stock 3DR to get stable flight but having a bit of trouble. There is tendency for my quad to ascend (not hovering well), move forward, and be really slow to respond to yaw in either direction.

After searching around I found and loaded the parameter file posted here (link below quad photo) as a new starting point for my PID settings. After loading, I ran the radio configuration and leveled my quad in Planner. Compared to how my quad was configured and tested by Udrones, there were some differences in PIDs. A short indoor test flight indicates the same issues exist. 

The quad has seen very little flight, no crashes (hard-ish landings, yes), and appears straight and level. COG is also, well... centered :)

Thoughts on where I should start to make adjustments?

Also, is it common to have to rerun the radio configuration after a mild drop from flight? By mild drop I mean landing with a slight thud on carpet from a few inches during my indoor flight. I had my xbee connected to log the test and after the thud it showed my quad's horizon tilted in Planner. Running the setup returned my horizon to level. That normal?

Thanks in advance for any assistance,


I am having similar issues with a totally different frame,see I am getting mixed signals too... I think its PID or software related...  I know what a mismounted motor does to this frame, flew rough but predictable, this is something else...


I remounted my board, became super uptight about balancing my props helped, but she still seemed to lag, fly okay then flake a bit.  Hard to describe...  Patch is supposed to help, if it wasn't an issue, why would there need to be a patch? Rebuild and level to keep yourself busy till the patch, then take credit cause you fixed it after the patch :)

HELP, how do i tell my APM2 that i have configured my quad as a x or a +

Hi Ramesh,

One way of doing this, is at the config.h file around line 67 where it says "FRAME_CONFIG". After changing you save the file and upload the firmware to your APM via Arduino.

If you're not confortable changing the config file and uploading via Arduino, and are using the Mission Planner to upload your software, in the Mission Planner you can change it too. Here's a screen of where you have to go.

Hope this have helped.



thanks a ton, 


another thing, i dont get the options under configuration that u have got in the screen shot u sent, i am seeing Arduplane, Ardu Copter, Planner, setup, 

where as ur screen shot shows Radio input, modes, hardware,battery, Arducopter2, Hel

So what am i doing wrong

I'm sorry to you all following this thread, but the table is a bit outdated since in the newer versions the PID gains have been a bit changed, so I'm waiting for a stable release with the DCM leaning problem corrected as other small bugs, so I can start updating the table with new values.



i have connected APM2 via usb cable to my PC, loaded Mission planner, it shows - APM Planner 1.1.48

but it does not show ArduPilotMega, next to it i have selected com port and baud as 115200.

in the window instead of ArduPilotMega that it is supposed to show automatically, if i click on drop down arrow, i get only 2 options -Arduplane and ArduCopter2.

on the APM2 the Green power light is solid on, GPS blue is flashing, A red is flashing, and C blue is flashing.

WHY IS IT NOT DETECTING ArduPilotMega automatically

Also if i select Configuration/setup, it tells me "please connect first"




Ardupilot Mega is the board type (the Atmel chip). You may install (appart from other) 1 of 2 different firwares. Arduplane wich is designed for fixed wing planes and Arducopter wich is designed for multicopters. If you never had a software installed before, you go to the firmware tab where you choose what firmware you want to install, then, go to the main tab and select the connect (only after a firmware has been installed) and proceed to the rest of the configuration. However, the best thing for you to do is read the manual carefully and follow the steps descibed. http://code.google.com/p/arducopter/wiki/ArduCopter  --> if you're using it for a quadcopter or other multicopter. In there you can also find the led patterns and what they mean !


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