Good day guys !!  

I feel the need to obtain the information from my PixHawk in my Graupner MZ-24 screen. I found
some threads talking about a change in arducopter firmware to run the telemetry, not good at messing original controller firmware.

Then I found an "adapter" that staff of the AutoQuad made to convert the MavLink in Hott telemetry.

I come here to share a few changes I made in the project Mav2Rott downloaded here:
This is an adaptation to send the telemetry PixHawk for Graupner Hott Protocol.

Is correct with some features:

Battery Voltage;
Altitude for barometer;
Satellite count Speed;
Flight Modes Current drawn by the motor;
Direction of the Head;

I am not able to make it work:

Correct display Latitude and Longitude;
Distance of Home;
Direction of Home;

If anyone can help thank you very much.
The project is attached to the topic. The connections are equal to the jd-ioboard. I am using an Arduino Pro Mini.

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Everybody, thank you all for your help and support,

I am happy to report success.

I had contacted Michel Kosloff, the developer of the mavlink2hott firmware and after some deliberation and a video I sent him, he suggested not using an arduino with onboard USB, as I had, but rather an arduino pro mini.

That worked like a charm!

Best regards


With the original schematic (Power from Pixhawk to 'Vcc' I get fluctuating Rx voltage display.
I get much better results by powering the Arduino from the Rx (Rx on 2s). Red wire goes to 'RAW' and NOT to 'Vcc' !!! Signal (white / orange) goes to '3' and black/brown to 'GND'.
Two wires ('RXI' and 'GND') to Pixhawk.

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