I plan on using the Arducopter (kit) with a bucket load of Radio signals, RC -- telemetry -- POV -- Pan Tilt control. I’m hoping that someone here may have recommendations for frequency's, and manufactures.

I’m thinking:

2.4GHz RC radio system for the flight controls (no idea what brand to go with.) looks like 7 channels are recommended.

2.4GHz for the wireless POV (already have this item, but willing to trade out.)

900MHz for the telemetry (60mW Xbee with wire antenna) also looking for recommendations for antenna type.

72MHz for the pan tilt (Hitec Neon SS 3channel system)

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You can always buy a Mode 1 and swap it to Mode 2. If you search, you can find a quick guide for doing this.

I am an RC noob and was able to do it in 15 mins flat. Only thing that took any time was getting the tiny spring back on with my big bear paws.
Hi guys, I'm new in this world and i would try to build my arducopter but now I need help to chose my RC.
Someone know this one and can tell me how is?


I have read that the Turnigy 9ch is good but is always out of stock thus i'm try to chose the alternative.

PS. sorry for my bad english but it's not my language i'm italian :)
Hello Luigi,
Greetings from Germany.

The transmitter seems to be identical to the TH9X I have, as does the price.

So buy it. But I just don't see if it's Mode1 or Mode2.
I guess because Mode2 is more common it's this one.

Good luck with your copter.

Have you already build it?
Hi CyberCrash
thanks for your fast reply :).
No I'don't but a want start as soon as possible, i think to buy the ArduCopter Quad v1.0 KIT, Full Electronics.

If anyone have any advice is welcome :)

Some advice:


1. Get the FlySky/Turnigy Th9x  v.2  mode:2

2. Get the Robby Roxxy 2827-34 with apc 10x4,7   (I use them and they are great, but there are other motors as well: 

3. Get a cheap cam for your copter: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...

4. With a video transmitter/receiver (5,8Ghz): http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...

5. And of course video goggles: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...


This is the cheapest video equipment there is. I am using this set for over a year now and it is really, really great. The video goggles are on backorder so I have to wait to get them. I flew with 7" video display until now.



Good advice Cyber, I'll pick my way through that shopping list at some stage. I really want the fpv for pan tilt control in unison with my GoPro HD, so I know i'm pointing in the right direction for photo/video capture. Do you use the pan-tilt too, and if so, do you have the instructions on how to link it up hardware wise, and code alterations Arduino wise?

cheers! Owen

Hey Owen,

I am sorry, I didn't built a pan-tilt option, yet. I am still waiting for the release of the ArduMega software.


If I am not mistaken the GoPro HD does offer a video out signal you would be able to send to your goggles so that you could observe the picture you are recording.


Best regards


Thanks for the reply Kai, I never even considered that, I'll look into that option. thanks very much!
Hi isitus,

I'm also looking for a new radio.
If you have the money for it, take a look at Hitec Aurora 9
Computerised 9 channel, large touchscreen, best in class in it's price segment.
Otherwise the Specktrum Dx9 looks nice too.
I was tempted for a Futuba but i can't find anything to justify the price compared to the 2 others i mentioned.
Good luck in your search.


Hi All,

How about Futaba 8FG Super?? thx



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