I would like to use my SkyLab skm53 gps (based on MediaTek 3329 with my ArduIMU V3. I am able to connect the gps to ftdi directly to read (and upgrade firmware) its values on PC. Its working and i can get position fix with that.

However, connecting the gps to ArduIMU to ftdi and using utility ArduIMU Test, I don't have any gps data! Tried updating the firmware with the bin included "MTK_DIYdrones" ( but still no data. Tried changing GPS_PROTOCOL between 1&4 without success.

I think it may not work while FTDI is connected, since it is using RX/TX, is that correct ?

Please help me, am really stuck with this.

Best Regards

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this is actually the same problem but they say that only ublox is supported with Ardu imu v3

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