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I had a old Ardupilot laying around for two years now. Last week I assembled everthing an did my first flights.

I copied the AP_config.h and modified it just a little bit(CH_MIN/CH_MAX and one servo reverse) for my EasyStar.

While the first flight(maybe 3m/s wind from north) I tried STABILIZE and LOITER. Both worked very good(see picture).

My first AUTO flight (2m/s wind from NE) was also very good. After both waypoints where reached the plane circled over the launch point.

At the same day I uploaded other waypoints, without changing everything else. Since than it is not possible to fly in AUTO mode and LOITER/RTL is very bad. The plain fly around and sometimes its hard not to switch back to MANUAL but give the AP the change to navigate back to WP. STABLE is still very good.

See this flight with nearly no wind. The AP find always back but mostly fly first straight far away.

In the meanwhile I used fresh code(I taught that I have changed maybe something without I noticed it), but still the same problem. I erased the whole EEPROM with the EEPROM clear example in Arduino. I tried to find a solution here in the forum...

I don't know how to solve the problem, where to start, how to debug. Right now I try to simulate with FlightGear, but had no success to bring the hole system to run.

Has somebody a hint for me, where/how to start?

Attached you can find the .klm and logfiles.

Kind regards


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HI Sebastian,

Ok, if in stabilize mode, adn it looks good, you need to try FBW-A first (keep throttle under your control)

IF..when in FBW yuo can fly around and the plane holds the bank angles you have selected in #defines

AND ...when whacking the sticks in the corners it flies nicely but deos not try to commit suicide, then you are on the right track.


then check this.

set bank angle to no more that 35deg pitch to no more than 10 + or - (check)

looking at your kmls's there are 2 things that jump out at me...

1: your PID's might be too high (not entirely sure on this, so please post your .h file

2: your traveling speed might be too low OR yuor GPS is not updating at 4hz or higher (both have a similar effect on travel)

I would check this first..if need be, get her flying quicker

consiquence of this is that if shes flying quicker and the turns are too slow, then your bank angle V PID's will need changing.

if when flying quicker she is all ove the place then do teh reverse...

first...post your .h (header and config file) and lets see if there is somthing glaringly obvious with this.



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