What happened to ArduPilot V2.27 under the downloads page?  All I see now is V2.26 as the latest?

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Tried to download 2.27, while reading hex file, it got about 95% through then came up with a hex read fail error.  Suspect they reverted back to 2.26 while the 2.27 problem is fixed.

John: please try again. I'm not seeing any issues.

Thanks Chris.  Will try again later.

OK Chris, success!  Had to upgrade from MP 1.1.15 to the latest 1.1.17 to get the download of Arduplane 2.27 to work.

Hi Chris,  Problem.  Upgraded to 2.27 and 1.1.17.  Now I can't get the data radio to link.  Also, in anything other than manual, the throttle is at zero.  Arduplane newbee, please help!

Update:  Xbee on Ardupilot side went bad.  Can't talk with it at all from 300 baud to 115200 baud.  I guess it got 'bricked'

The Xbees will never work while USB is plugged in on APM 2. Please see the manual

Hi Chris,

     USB was not plugged in, Xbee was bricked.  I've unbricked and now telemetry is good.  Checked throttle in RTL and Auto modes, it goes to throttle cal minimun (1121 in my case).  Checked Cruise throttle param and it's set for 45%.  Re-cal'd radio channel extents and downloaded to plane, no change, throttle still stays at minimum when in RTL or Auto.


I think there's a safety to stop the engine from running in automatic modes when on the ground and not moving.

Thanks Don,  Maybe all is OK and I should just go and try it.

If you really do want to see the motor go in auto, create a small 1 or 2 wp mission with takeoff as the first command. Secure the plane and stand back, or remove the prop. Don't run it long with no prop.

Hi Don,  Thanks again.  I'll give it a try tomorrow.  I like to see what it will do before putting it into the air.  FYI:  APM1, APM code 2.27, MP code 1.1.17, Xbee pro 900 MHz, Airspeed sensor not installed.  Bought APM1 with V2.24 installed, used Arduino to compile V2.26 and uploaded, had to add GPS #define for my MTK16 GPS, then used latest MP to download V2.27.  I'd like to have stable Hardware and code for a mission in Greenland this March.  Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Chris,  Just realized the link to APM2, I have the APM1.  Have an APM2 on pre-order though.


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