I have APM 2.0 with the ArduPlane 2.27 FW and mission planner 1.18. is there something more that I should be doing. Thanks.

I have a 64bit windows 7 machine, I have followed the Wiki on how to set up the APM. FW, TX calibration, Magnetic Declination, etc.

I have set the first position on the mode switch to stabilize and the second position for AUTO.

with Xplanes open I flip the switch to Stabilize then to Auto. The plane throttles up to about 25% and slowly curves to the left.

What is wrong? Does this have to do with my PID settings or am I just setting things up wrong?

Screenshots to come shortly.

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I don't understand your question. Please explain more what you are doing if you want people to help you do it better. 

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