I've just released ArduPlane 2.66

This release fixes a number of small issues in 2.65. In particular

  • fixed auto-takeoff if you mission specifies a 0 value for latitude/longitude in the TAKEOFF command. This makes auto-takeoff missions easier to setup with Mission Planner
  • fixed doc strings for loiter radius to reflect new larger maximum radius. This should allow a loiter radius above 127 to be specified in Mission Planner
  • Added support for altitude override from Mission Planner in auto (thanks to Michael)
  • allow battery voltage/current pins to be set to different pins (thanks to Randy)
  • added differential spoiler support for elevon planes (thanks to Xichen Shi). This isn't documented yet, but hopefully will be soon.
  • fixed control of additional aileron channels in manual mode (so they follow the main aileron channel)

There are a lot more things being worked on right now, but I decided to get this out as a stable release update before putting in lots of new code.

Happy flying!

Cheers, Tridge

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I guess I shall upgrade from 2.65 to 2.66. I had my Finwing Penguin flying auto quite well the other day in moderate winds. But today it was about 10kts of wind, it did a terrible job, having to go manual quite a few times.

One strange thing was it was I programmed it to fly a regular circuit, flying upwind at 30 kts airspeed, turn cross wind no problems, but as it turned downwind it went full power and accelerated to 50 kts airspeed. Very strange. I could understand that if it were measuring ground speed, then it would actually power down and maintain a constant ground speed, but turning downwind shouldn't require it to increase its airspeed, the only thing that should change is ground speed should increase by the amount of wind. Airspeed should have stayed the same.

This wasn't a problem on the previous day's flying.


Maybe post your log, along with a timestamp where you think it misbehaved? It shouldn't pile on power when turning like that. Were you using airspeed control with a pitot?

Cheers, Tridge

Thanks Andrew, I'll

Tridge, I have some space constraints in mounting the APM in its usual orientation, in my new airframe. I want to mount the APM in knife edge orientation. Pls help, what I need to do.


Tridge, I have some space constraints in mounting the APM in its usual orientation, in my new airframe. I want to mount the APM in knife edge orientation. Pls help, what I need to do.

We don't currently support that, but it wouldn't be hard to add if you or someone else wants to have a go.

What you'd need to do is this:

  1. add a new parameter called BOARD_ORIENT, an 8 bit integer, making the variable called g.board_orientation. Make it default to 0.
  2. pass a reference to this variable to the constructor of each of the sensors that cares about orientation. That is AP_Compass and AP_InertialSensor.
  3. use the vector3.rotate() method on the raw sensor vectors in each of these sensor libraries, passing in the board_orientation

You will then be able to mount the APM in any of the 17 rotations that the AP_Math library supports. See libraries/AP_Math/rotations.h for a list. Make sure you do careful ground tests before flying!

Cheers, Tridge

It is good news!


Does log works well in 2.66?

For me loging is totally broken in 2.65



Tridge, thanks for addressing my query and guidance. After google search, I found that someone already tried to do this during early 2011 but since then Arduplane code has undergone many many changes. http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/patch-for-arbitrary-imu Can you plsease give a look at it and suggest. Best Regards Rana

Hi, that would be great. Also experiencing this side effect in this version.

Hi Gregor,

Can you please try the current master git tree and see if it works better with a 2nd aileron channel? I've now pushed a change to allow for reverse, min, max and deadzone to take effect correctly on the 2nd aileron in manual mode.

Cheers, Tridge

Apologies for jumping in, but loaded the trunk version onto the board and for me it now works out as expected in manual mode. Behaviour for the other modes looks ok. Haven't flied with this version yet, not before next weekend.


Thanks Peter, much appreciated!

Here is a broken log file


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