Are there any consumer level px4-based RTF quadcopter available?


now that DJI dominates the market and all 3DR RTF consumer models like to Solo are more or less dead - are there still any companies building RTF drones with PX4/Pixhawk?



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GoPro Karma uses PX4, as do the newest Yuneec copters and most of the Kickstarter drones (Hexo+, Airdog, Sprite, etc). I think all the Walkeras use some variant of APM on Pixhawk-compatible hardware, as do all the low-end Chinese clones such as Quanum. 

Thanks, Chris. From what I have seen the problem with GoPro Karma and Yuneec drones is that it seems to be impossible to physically access the telemetry port. (I read in other threads that you can access it for Yuneec drones but they put some encryption layer around the MAVLink)

So I am mainly interested in accessing the MAVLink port on the UAV to do some further on-board processing.

All true. However, the Solo is fully open and a great deal at $299 ;-:

I agree, it indeed is a great deal.

My worries are mostly that I don't know if I can still get Solos (as I assume there won't be any follow-up model) in case I want more of them a few months down the line.

Two options: 1) buy a lot of Solos now or 2) assume that there will be a more consumer vehicles based on PX4 with full developer SDKs coming out this year. 

Hint: although I'd be happy to see you go with #1, #2 is a pretty good bet.

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