Please Help!.


I have tested the RTL mode and is OK!, but when I switch to AUTO mode the airplane come to home sometimes recognize it and then try to reach the second waypoint but never reach it.


I have used the last code for ardupilotmega and ArdupilotMegaPlanner.


Please Help!

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i brought a UBLOX gps at christmas time because i thought it was the better one :( now im wondering if i should get the other one
Martinez, I'm not sure what you mean. The uBlox is supported. There seems to be a bug in one mode of one version of one codebase (out of the dozens we support), which we'll fix as soon as we can replicate. uBlox works perfectly with all our other codebases (basic ArduPilot, ArduCopter, previous version of APM, etc) and modes. These things happen, and we'll fix it as soon as we can. But I think you need to get a little perspective.

Ok, thank you for your reply Chris.

I have "no problem" about "These things happen...".OK, I understand and i'm happy to participate to debug the problem if i can.

But if you are working mostly on the "Mediatek GPS", can you highlight the "mediatek GPS" one on the APM homepage? I'm disappointed about my choice on Ublox Gps, twice the price, twice the size, and half on tests.


Thank you



Update on this: I just tested the current public code (APM 1.02) with both MediaTek and uBlox in both RTL and AUTO (four waypoints) in the field. It performed perfectly with both GPS modules, in both RTL and AUTO mode.

So I'm not sure what's causing problems with people's setups, but I cannot replicate them. Everything works exactly as it should when we test in the field.
Hello Chris, I am using APM2.012. I had two flights on a skywalker and looks it's working really fine. I have assigned channel 8 of the APM to three position switch manual/stabilize/auto. Now I want to assign channel 5 of APM to another two way switch of Futaba for OFF/RTL without changing the channel 8 three way switch. can u please suggest what part of the code needs to be changed.
Hello Ravi, I use a Futaba too and I can choose between 5 differents modes with 2 switches without modifing the code. You just need to program a mix on the radio, example:
3 ways switch E is the main switch (manual, stabilize, auto) linked to AUS1
2 ways switch A is the mixer trigger
You've to set a mixer: AUS1 (master) -> AUS1 (slave), SW->A, choosing the right rate (-70% for my setup) to obtain the 5 differents levels on the output channel.
Then, naturally, you'll have to set the modes on the CLI


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