Please Help!.


I have tested the RTL mode and is OK!, but when I switch to AUTO mode the airplane come to home sometimes recognize it and then try to reach the second waypoint but never reach it.


I have used the last code for ardupilotmega and ArdupilotMegaPlanner.


Please Help!

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Hi Gonzalo

Can you give us more information on what your setup ? have you defined the Modes in the config.h file? or just configured the gps ? How many waypoint do you have loaded and how far apart are they ?  

Hi Chris:

I didn't do anything in config.h, just gps in APM_Config.h.

I have loaded 2 waypoints, with 100 meters between them. I have adjust WP = 20/30/40/50/60  and ALT = 100 in ArdupilotMegaPlanner. I'm in Perú (-12,... ; -76,...)


I have seen the value of the UBLOX GPS in test/gps, It 's too variable.


Hi Gonzalo Im Johann ;-) 


can you maybe take a screen shot of the GPS info and past it here so we can see?

What GPS module are you using?

Hi Chris:


I'm using UBLOX GPS

There may be an issue with that module. All of our test flights were with MediaTeks and we're getting a number of reports of problems with UBlox in AUTO mode (not RTL), which we hadn't tested. GPS-module specific issues also don't show up on the HIL sim, so they can sneak through. We'll test that module with the next version of the code.

In the meantime, if you use a MediaTek you should be okay. We've largely migrated away from the uBlox because the MediaTek is smaller, cheaper and more robust, but we should still support it.

Hi Chris

Im flying with Ublox as well , i havnt flown with the 1.02 release are you saying we shouldnt fly it?

I'm just saying that we haven't tested 1.02 with uBlox in Auto mode. We tested in RTL, which worked fine (and Auto and RTL *should* work the same) so we assumed Auto would work, but there are some reports of an issue. An Issue Report has been submitted.


There are literally hundreds of combinations of hardware and software configurations and modes, and it would take several man years to test all of them in the field for every version of the software. Then there are geographic issues, like funky GPS results in the Southern Hemisphere and issues with comas vs periods in some European OSs that the US-based team can't test. So we test as many as we can on the sim, and then the main ones in the field. We count on the community to catch any outliers, which may be what we have here. 


It would be helpful if you could fly 1.02 with the uBlox and see if you can replicate a problem with Auto mode. 



Hi Chris


I saw that Issue in the list just didnt releaze it was true to Ublox and the amount of time 1.02 been out thought we would have seen more posts but will be testing it shortly and get back to you.

Most people are flying MediaTek's so it didn't show up for them. But we've had four reports of this issue with uBlox, so it sounds repeatable.

Okay I understand,


Chris while we on the subkect of GPSs what is the benifit of having a Ublox versus a Mtek ? its double the price and slower Hz rate ? the only thing iv seen sofar is that the Ublox has better "dead recogning" processing then Mtek but we never use it ? or just comes down to Pigeons for one person and chicken for another ? 

I've the same problem,

When purchasing a UBLOX gps, i was thinking that it was the best GPS (cause of a big antenna and the cost?).

There a big problem using this GPS, i'm ok.

But I'm trying to search in all DIYDRONES SITE where I can fix the problem and i don't find an solution.

I'm stilling without any information to fix it.

So, why do you still selling this GPS in your store? I'm not talking about an "open source" project..., but SUPPORT about UBLOX GPS by DIYDRONE STORE

Please don't let us in "deadlock" situation.




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