Before writing this, we’re really frustrated on how to introduce us by attracting more attention, how to mention Christmas sales without too much offensive commercial atmosphere. But please don’t don’t pass by, that is what we’re struggling strenuously.


Who is TopXGun?

We’re professional in providing excellent flight controller as well as customized flight control system and the systematic solution for UAV.  


Why we focus on UAV system?

Designers +Enthusiasts=Creation + Motivation


How far we have gone?

1) GPS+BDS decoding provides stable and reliable location in centimeter level.

Airborne aviation differential GPS antenna receives GPS and GLONASS satellite positioning signals at the same time.

2) Strong interference immunity to magnetic fields

3) Independently developed built-in damping design

4) High performance IMU double redundancy structure guarantee flight safety, higher control accuracy and reliability.


Any sales?

Actually, any sales are based on your trust on our control system.

We welcome your test and we provide lifetime after-sale service. So please don’t worry about and don’t hesitate to inquire us!

Large coupons based on 10% off, if purchase in bulk, another 20% off from 12/23 to12/31.


OK, introduction on sales promotion is over. We don’t know how deeply we impressed you, but if you want more information, please check http://topxgun.com/en/.

Oh, another thing, we will attend CES 2017 in 1/5-1/8. If any interest, let us make an appointment. We are waiting at Las Vegas on Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D 43530.


Merry Christmas to all viewers here!

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TopXGun has set out to Las Vegas, and they will spend 21 hours on the plane till 1/3/2017.

For most of them, this will be an exciting and challenging journey.

The core exhibits have arrived one week on the exhibition hall, quietly waiting for the arrival of staff.


For the staff, there is only one day for them to decorate the exhibition hall.

What a compact rhythm!


TopXGun CEO, CTO and vice president will attend the the exhibition, aim to open in-depth communication and discussions with related industries.

We’d appreciate the deep cooperation with experts and enterprises from all walks of life.

So that clients can take advantage of multi-rotor platform with their own technologies and products.

In that case, we will achieve the win-win strategic cooperation.

Shanghai TopXGun Robotics Co.,Ltd.,as a global professional supplier of multi-rotor flight controller and systematic solution. TopXGun is committed to providing most performance, best experience in revolutionary flight control products and solutions for industry users and fans.

New Product Category: Intelligent hardware| Artificial intelligence

  • T1 Multi-Rotor Flight Controller


T1 flight controller is specifically designed for multi-rotor UAV, and supports all the multi-rotor structure on the market. It adopts design of aluminum case with high degree of accuracy and built - in damping,which makes UAV have a goad stability and extremely high control precision.T1 supports PC and smartphone ground station,it can achieve auto-fly.Meanwhile,SDK will be open for free in T1-S in order to support UAV manufacturer & integrator. Functions:1.All-in-one design 2.Built- in damping 3. Support SBUS receiver, PPM receiver and PWM receiver 4.Sophisticated orientation control algorithm 5. Accurate position lock when hovering 6. Excellent interference immunity to magnetic fields 7.Failsafe protection 8. Low battery alert and protection 9. Protection for one-rotor failure 10. Point-to-go function 11.Support high-performance with external IMU.

  • T1-A Agricultural-protection flight controller


T1 - A is a mature flight controller for agricultural UAV. It provides rich and practical function that can meet the multiple requirements of the current agricultural UAV. By the integration of high precision sensor, the application of advanced industrial precision calibration algorithm as well as reasonable intelligent operation mode, the more efficient, accurate and convenient way of plant protection work can be realized. Functions:1. Multi-opration modes: AB point operation, semi-automatic operation and manual operation 2.Suitable for eleven kinds of commonly used multi-rotor 3. Terrain following radar module 4.Liquid level sensor 5.Precision spraying 6.Break-point continued to spray 7.Dose monitor

  • T1-S Double Redundant Flight Controller


TopXGun T1-S is a flight controller designed for professional multi-rotor UAV, which is 7-core Double Redundancy. Not only improves control precision, but also provides more professional protection to UAV. Functions: 1.Dual backup structure 2. Double GPS compass, high Positioning accuracy 3.Support 2-12 battery 4.Black box function

  • T1-PRO Double Redundant Flight Controller


TopXGun T1-PRO flight controller provides a 7-core dual-backup system that integrates high-precision industrial-grade sensor components, using advanced temperature compensation algorithms and industrial-grade precision calibration algorithms to enable the system to play an accurate, stable and reliable performance. Functions: 1.High performance external IMU 2.Seismic structural design; 3.Temperature compensation; 4.Dual backup structure 5. 2~12S high-voltage power management module 6.Black box function

  • TOP-D1 Differential High Accuracy Flight Controller


Top-D1 flight control system is a designed flight controller with differential and high precision for UAV. To get a centimeter level accuracy, it integrates the industrial-grade high-precision sensors, high integration differential module in compact type and high precision air antenna. Functions: 1.Positioning in centimeter level 2.Airborne aviation differential GPS antenna 3.Industry-grade solutions 4. Black Box function.

  • K3000 Multi-Rotor Dynamical System

K3000 is especially designed for plant protection drone. It contains M60 motor, E80HV electronic speed control and P21 propeller. It has a strong load capacity and excellent reliability. Functions: 1.Massively loaded 2. Portable and efficient 3. Excellent reliability.

  • K5000 Multi-Rotor Dynamical System

The multi-rotor dynamical system K5000 is especially designed for plant protection drone. It contains M80 motor, E80HV electronic speed control and P30 propeller. Considering the features of plant protection drone, K5000 works more efficiently and stably after we optimized it in load performance, efficiency and reliability. Functions: 1. Massively loaded, Superior performance 2.Durable, stable, applicable to all kinds of environments

  • 2.4G Wireless Datalink

2.4GHz wireless datalink is composed of the airborne terminal and the ground terminal. It is used for the wireless data transmission between the flight controller and ground station software. Functions: 1.Stability and Reliability 2.Multi-platform ground station 3.Easy installation and simple to use.

  • Optical Flow Sensor

TopXGun optical flow sensor is mainly used for visual positioning, which can make the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to achieve precise positioning and stable flight hovering in the absence of the GPS signal. Functions: 1. High performance sensor 2. CNC Cooling shell 3.Perfect match with topXGun flight controller

TopXGun has set out to Las Vegas, and they will spend 21 hours on the plane till 1/3/2017.For most of them, this will be an exciting and challenging journey.Find us on CES 2017 on 1/5-1/8, let us make an appointment! We are waiting you at Las Vegas on Sands Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D 46530.  

Website: http://topxgun.com/en/. If any question,please don't hesitate to email us sales@topxgun.com.



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