XPONENTIAL, organized by AUVSI, begins in May 9th is the largest  unmanned operating system show in the world, which brings the world's top high-tech companies together.  Diversified products and solutions can be found on the previous exhibition. It is said that Boeing, NASA and Lockhead Martin and other technology giants also participate in the exhibition. As a supplier of UAV flight control systems and unmanned aerial vehicles, it is a great honor for TopXGun to be able to participate in XPONENTIAL.

What kind of wonderful products will the United States unmanned operating system exhibition show? What will be the product of TopXGun show? International group from TopXGun will show the latest wave of spy photos, the first time to you!


2017 XPONENTIALLatest Spy Photos 

YAMAHA, the world's second largest motorcycle manufacturer and the originator of plant protection UAV, developed the UAV technology as early as the last century in 80s. The helicopter is called RMax. It is also approved by the U.S. air traffic control and the largest commercial UAV (2.7 meters in length, 1.1 meters in height, and 64 kg in weight).

Bell Helicopter Textron Inc was founded in 1935, which was mainly engaged in the design and manufacture of fighter aircraft. Bell officially entered the field of helicopters in the year of 1941, and successfully launched its first helicopter - Bell 30.         

Swedish Institute for international peace in Stockholm (SIPRI) released the 2015 annual list of the world's top military companies in December, 2016. Lockheed Martin still maintain the status of the world's first weapons producer.

As provider of unmanned aerial vehicle flight control system and unmanned aerial vehicle solutions, TopXGun has always insisted on the basis of independent research and development to create all kinds of industrial flight control system on the basis of the needs of industrial users.

Welcome to XPONENTIAL!

Time: May 9- 11

Booth: 3137



DALLAS, TX 75202

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