Hi DIY Drones.
I am a keen Quadcopter fan and hobbyist.
I have been working with them for quite a while now, even though I haven't really made the big breakthroughs.

So this post is mainly with some questions about new quadcopter suggestions and especially developer suggestions as I want to try out my own firmware developing skills without loosing to much if the firmware fails and the Quadcopter crashes.
The questions will be listed with numbers for a better overview.

Currently I have a QAV500 Quadcopter frame from FPV Manuals, as I was the designed of the Power Distribution board that comes with this kit.
I am quite pleased with this Quadcopter even though I have never really managed to get it properly balanced and AMAZINGLY stable as you seen in some videos.
1. I don't if this is due to the controller boards I am using? Currently I am using the Naze32 but I have also tried with KK-Multicopter and the MultiWii board from Hobbyking.

But as this is quite an expensive build I have not tried making my own enchancements on this one.
Instead I have used this Quad to learn how to fly and also for some FPV - which I've still not gained enough confidence to fly completely.
2. I am always afraid that I will hit something in the sides or the back. What do you do to overcome this frustration/nerves?

Furthermore I have a Hubsan x4 just for fun, but yet again there is no options for customization with this.
3. Or are there?

So what I really want to get is a small Quadcopter that can resist smaller low height crashes so I can test my firmware without too much worries.
It should be able to carry a payload of atleast a GPS module and a 1000mAh battery, giving between 10-20 minutes of flight time.
4. So far I have been looking at the following options and would like your response on these:
http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/s...pter_PNF_.html - but is it possible to add GPS and Barometer?
http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/cra...2b-p-1365.html - but is it possible to add GPS (weight vise)?

I have also thought about buying a little larger, the Walkera QR X350.
This one seems quite nice, I like the features, the size, stability and GoPro options.
5. But how customizable is it? None, right? Like if I want to do my own firmware enhancements like described above, this won't be possible with this Walkera?

6. Or finally, what about this a bit bigger but probably less good quality Hexacopter: http://www.goodluckbuy.com/ah600c-si...ontroller.html

I am looking forward to your replies and hopefully I can soon get to extend my Quadcopter firmware knowledge :-)
Feel free to visit my blog about electronics, where you will also find some information about my Quadcopter projects by doing a search:http://blog.tkjelectronics.dk

Best Regards
Thomas Jespersen
TKJ Electronics

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You forgot to edit the "Hi RC Groups" out of your cross-post.


You're at DIYDrones now.

Ha, ha, ha.

My opinion, just get an F450.  Clone or otherwise.  You can go cheaper and smaller, but it won't be tougher, and you'll struggle to get flight time and carry any kind of payload.

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