Company willing to pay for AR.Drone to UAV conversion



I came across when looking into modifying our recently-purchased Parrot AR.Drone into an actual UAV.


I am with a company called Primordial out of Saint Paul, Minnesota. We are working on a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) project for the United States Army (topic A10-091) that deals with creating algorithms that allow teams of UAVs and UGVs to collaborate and track an adversarial ground target. These algorithms predict the future movement of the ground target based on terrain limitations and past observations of behavior, and then plan aerial routes that maximize line of sight (LOS) to the ground target from each UAV. The idea is to keep the target within view at all times.


Why I am posting: I am seeking someone who would be willing to modify one or two AR.Drones, in the same or similar fashion as described by this article: Primordial has a budget for this project and are looking to have the work done as a small subcontract within the next couple weeks. Would someone be willing to take this work on? I would appreciate any and all guidance on how I can best proceed.

Thanks for your time and consideration!


Kyle Estes

Software Engineering Manager


1021 Bandana Blvd E Suite 225

Saint Paul, MN 55108
Office: (651) 395-6202

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Why bother converting an ARdrone?? Its not a platform that will ever be capable enough.

Hi Gary,

We are looking at the AR.Drone because it is inexpensive and we only need it for a basic demonstration of the software we are building. We are certainly open to alternative platforms. Could you recommend one?



Well with the multitude of controllers out there these days two sticks and four motors will cut it. You would get better performance out of the box from an Arducopter. I'm sure there are many people here that could build you a system and live close.



I called and left you a voice mail.  Email also sent.


-John Johnson

I would be interested in a project like this. I build a lot of one of projects for people i can't talk about and would like the opportunity to work with someone i could use as a reference.



Dear sirs if you still interesting to upgrade the Ar.drone into UAV , I have almost finish that project ,  i will start publish image and videos soon .


The software is written on labview ,


I have full control of Ar.drone from 


1. joystick

2 Kinect 

3 sport watch


and i have feedback from GPS position ,Altitute ,Attitude ,heading , etc....


for any information or demonstration please contact:


Nikolas Giakoumidis

Automation Engineer 




Hey Nikolas, Can't wait for your release. I will be buying an AR.Drone soon and have been checking out your work.

I have just purchased my AR Drone, my first R/C device, and would like to be able to send back GPS points and plot them. Any other information gathered would be welcome but mainly the GPS points along with of course the video. What you are working on sounds very interesting.



Why not just add an Xbee and GPS? Simples or even fly a smart phone. The version 2 AR.drone coming soon looks like it is a little bit more capable.

I thought of that and would like to try it but I have no idea on how to "hook it up". I don't mind spending the money for the equipment but I would like it to work.  I have no idea what programs to use to gather the data once it is sent back to my  computer. 

Dear Barry 

To start your project as Gary wrote you,  you will need to a GPS like this one

2 xbee one for the drone and one for you computer like this one :

and this one :

maybe you can buy a cheaper one depends the range that you want to work

and also the boards for the xbees

one of this for the drone 

and one for your pc :

and with this material and with a simple application you will be able to receive a feedback from the drone with the GPS data.

Best regards

Nikolas Giakoumidis


Thank You Nikolas, this information is a great help to me!  Thank you for your time.


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